About Digital Culture of Metropolitan New York

Digital Culture of Metropolitan New York (DCMNY) provides online access to digital collections of libraries, archives, museums and historical societies located in and around New York City. Participating institutions are located in the following counties of New York State: Bronx, Kings, New York, Queens, and Westchester.

The collections include photographs, maps, letters, postcards, manuscripts, scrapbooks, programs from events, catalogues, memorabilia and ephemera, and much. New collections are being added on an ongoing basis, and contributors are also adding new material to existing collections.

DCMNY is not a curated collection. It is intended to serve as a hosting service for members of the Metropolitan New York Library Council to make their content available online, as well as an on-ramp to the Digital Public Library of America (DPLA). Many of the collections in DCMNY will also be available in DPLA, courtesy of the Empire State Digital Network, the DPLA service hub for New York State. Keep in mind that items in DCMNY typically represent only a small percentage of the materials held by the organizations that made them available online. Please feel free to contact any of the contributing institutions for more information about their collections.

DCMNY runs on the Islandora platform, an open source digital repository system based on Fedora Commons, Drupal and Solr.

Documentation and Guidelines for Contribution to DCMNY:

DCMNY Digitization Requirements and Guidelines

DCMNY Metadata Requirements and Guidelines Documentation

DCMNY Metadata Requirements and Guidelines (Concise)

For more information on METRO's Digital Collection Hosting Service, please contact us at info@dcmny.org.