Fordham University, The Catholic Church During Italian Unification

These broadsides and pamphlets offer a snapshot into the activities of the Catholic Church in Italy during the period of Italian unification and the Church’s responses to the many social, political, and theological controversies which arose during this period. As part of a larger collection of 1600 items, this subset of 93 items contains a large amount of unpublished printed matter, including institutional circulars, broadsides, by-laws, and annual reports from charitable organizations, especially church-run hospitals and shelters, and is particularly rich in provenance markings pointing to the 19th century Cardinal Carlo Luigi Morichini (active in Rome, Jesi, and Bologna) as a former owner. Published materials included in this group are more representative of the larger collection, and address contemporary debates surrounding the temporal power of the Pope, papal infallibility, Catholic dogma, and the place of the cult of the Virgin Mary in Catholic worship.

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