Basic Search:
A basic search can be done using the "search in" box at the top of the page.
Users can search across all collections or specify a collection to search in using the drop-down menu. To search for a phrase, enclose your search terms in quotation marks (e.g. "Bears of New York")

Advanced Search:
Advanced search allows users to search within certain fields and combine field searches using Boolean operators.
Searches can be done within certain collections or across all collections.
Searching in advanced search will create a query in the search box after your search (ex. "catch_all_fields_mt:(bears) AND catch_all_fields_mt:(new york)"). This is a known issue with Islandora and may be addressed in the future. Please ignore.

You can currently sort your search by Title and Name. We hope to enable more sort options, especially Sort by Date, as soon as possible.

These appear to the left of the search results, below the "Sort" box. Users can filter their current search further by clicking on the desired facet term.

There are two ways to add bookmarks to your lists:
Through object pages: every object page will have a little tool at the bottom to bookmark the current object.
Through Solr searches: Islandora Bookmark provides a SOLR display with functionality to bookmark objects based on a custom Solr query.
Currently, for this site, the list is saved only as long as the browse session exists for anonymous users. For administrators/when logged in, the list is saved to the user account.