LGBT Center, Center Records Collection

The Center Records Collection comprises 86 editions of Center publications, ‘The Center Voice’ and ‘Center Happenings’. The first edition of The Center Voice was published in 1985, soon after the founding of The Center. They show the diversity of LGBT groups existing in NYC at the time. The Center Voice became Center Happenings and the current publication produced by The Center is Center Listings which comes out quarterly.

The Lesbian Gay Bisexual and Transgender Community Center National History Archive serves to preserve the history of the LGBT community and its rich heritage. Opened in 1990, the Archive provides a look into the lives and experiences of LGBT people throughout the years. The Archive houses more than 2000 feet of documents from organizations and individuals, and contains a wide range of media from as early as 1920, including photography, correspondence, personal journals, audio, and video. A catalog of the Archives manuscript collection can be found at