Whitney Museum Library, Artists' Correspondence and Ephemera

This collection consists of 580 objects from the Frances Mulhall Achilles Library at the Whitney Museum of American Art. The collection brings focus to a specific selection of extraordinary material found in the Whitney’s Library and Archival collections. These letters, notes, personalized announcements and invitations represent a view of the thoughts and conversations between Museum staff and the artists they represented, and provides a window into the changing tastes of the viewing public and art market.

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To Tom Armstrong & family - Happy Holidays and best for '88
Hand painted free form holiday card from George Sugarman to Tom Armstrong and family, n.d. Wishing the Armstrongs happy holidays and the best for 1988.
To: Miss McKellar from Rosalind Irvine, July 11, 1955
Typewritten letter from Rosalind Irvine to Margaret McKellar, dated July 11, 1955.
Unknown to Mrs. Meyers, February 17, 1943
Typewritten note from Rosalind Irvine (unsigned) to Ethel Myers, dated February 17, 1943.
Vieno Rautio to the Whitney Staff, Feb. 17, 1968
Illustrated letter from Rautio Vieno to the staff at Whitney Museum of American Art, dated February 17, 1968. Rautio states his dissatifaction with an exhibition he viewed and asks for his money back.
Viewing of SUSPENDED SCULPTURE, a new interior installation by Francis Hines, October 27, 1981
Installation announcement for Suspended Sculpture by Francis Hines, an interior installation at the Port Authority Bus Terminal, New York, on view from October 25 to November 22, 1981.
Vija Celmins to Barbara
Handwritten letter from Vija Celmins to Barbara ?Haskell, n.d.
Vija Celmins to Elke, Nov 26, 1973
Handwritten letter from Vija Celmins to Elke Solomon, dated November 26, 1973.
Vital Statistics
Typewritten autobiographical notes by Charles Burchfield, undated.
W. G. Allen to Mr. John I. H. Baur, August 29, 1958
Typewritten letter from W. G. Allen to John Baur, dated August 29, 1958.
Wendy Cooper Gallery Chris Johanson and Laura Heyman New Work September 14 - October 20, 2001
Wood exhibition announcement silkscreened with two images, one with the words "wherever you are you can be there" written in capitals. The other side lists the exhibition details: Wendy Cooper Gallery/Chris Johanson and Laura Heyman/New Work/September 14-October 20, 2001/Opening Reception/Friday, September 14, 6-8 PM/824 E. Johnson St., Madison, WI
Whitney Museum of American Art, Fairfield County invitation to reception of works by Louise Nevelson, January 6, 1987
Whitney Museum of American Art, Fairfield County invitation to reception of works by Louise Nevelson, January 6, 1987
Whitney Museum of Art Loan Receipt to the Berkshire Museum
Loan receipt from the Whitney Museum of American Art to the Berkshire Museum for the Herbert Ferber piece "Sun Wheel, 1956" to be on part of the Herbert Ferber Sculture exhibit, June 2 - July 29, 1984
William Copley to Mr. Goodrich, February 14, 1968
Handwritten letter from William Copley to Lloyd Goodrich, dated February 14, 1968.
William Gropper to Mr. John Baur, November 2, 1961
Typewritten letter from William Gropper to John Baur, dated November 2, 1961.
With love - Bertha and Charlie
Christmas card, handwritten from Charles Burchfield to Rosalind Irvine, signed Bertha and Charlie, n.d. Picture of pine cone and needles on front, printed greeting on inside and handwritten note to Rossie on back, 1957 or 1958.
Wolf Kahn and Emily Mason to Tom, Jan 28 1980
Handwritten letter from Wolf Kahn to Tom Armstrong, signed Wolf Kahn and Emily Mason, dated January 28, 1980. Writing to express his continued support of the museum as Friends of the Whitney.
Works by Theodore Roszak June 2 - September 26, 1971 The Century Association 7 W. 43 St., N.Y.C.
Foldover exhibition announcement with handwritten note from Theodore Roszak to John Baur, dated 1971. Including a checklist of sculpure and drawings and two illustrations of work.
Red plastic exhibition announcement for Yoko Ono: "The Four Seasons" and Film Stills held at Ubu Gallery, 16 East 78 Street, New York, on September 15 through October 21, 2000.
Yasuo Kuniyoshi to Grattan, Jan 26 [1942]
Handwritten letter from Yasuo Kuniyoshi to Grattan, dated January 26 [1942]. Discusses his interest in using his artistic talent to help the war effort.
Yasuo Kuniyoshi to James
Handwritten letter from Yasuo Kuniyoshi to James, n.d. Details his opinions about the war, his status as a Japanese American during that difficult time, and the role of art as propaganda.
Yasuo Kuniyoshi to Mr. Roy [sic] Goodrich, January 10, 1944
Typewritten letter from Yasuo Kuniyoshi to Lloyd Goodrich, dated January 10, 1944. Explains his interest in organizing anti-fascist Japanese American artists and hopes Goodrich will be a sponsor in the cause.
Yayoi Kusama to Mr. John Gordon, 19.Feb.-66
Handwritten letter from Yayoi Kusama to John Gordon, dated February 19, 1966.
Yoko Ono, Three Events
Exhibition flyer for Yoko Ono show 'Three Events," dated November 4, 1988. Inviting audience to preview and participate.
Zoltan Sepeshy to Mrs. Juliana Force, February 20-1943
Handwritten letter from Zoltan Sepeshy to Juliana Force, dated February 20, 1943. Expressing his honor of being included in the first group of artists selected by the American Art Research Council.
abstract art WALKOWITZ december 30 - january 30, 1947
Exhibition brochure for Abraham Walkowitz abstract art show at the Egan Gallery, 53 East 57 Street, New York, on December 30, 1946 through January 30, 1947. Written by hand on front "Hoping to see you at the Exhibition. A. Walkowitz"
Exhibition postcard for Alexander Calder show Gongs and Towers at the Margaret Brown Gallery, 280 Dartmouth Street, Boston, from March 10 through May 29, 1952. Postcard addressed to Lloyd Goodrich.
bernard PERLIN LANDSCAPES january 3 to 22, 1955
Exhibition brochure for Bernard Perlin show Landscapes at Catherine Viviano Gallery, 42 East 57 Street, New York, from January 3 through January 22, 1955. Notations in pencil about various works.
calder crags and critters vernissage mercredi 22 janvier 1975 a 17 heures
Announcement for a private viewing of Calder pieces at the Galerie Maeght, Paris, France, January 22, 1975. Invitation in French.
club urbis minna citron oleos.guaches.grabados
Exhibition brochure including artist biography, in Spanish for Minna Citron. Exhibition at Club Urbis, Madrid, Spain from March 1 through 15, 1962.
coolwhite, etc from Dan Flavin for November 1968, in the Dwan Gallery, 29 W.57th N.Y.
Exhibition flyer for coolwhite, etc from Dan Flavin, in the Dwan Gallery, 29 West 57 Street, New York, November 1968.


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