Brooklyn College, Brooklyn Democratic Party Scrapbooks

The 223 objects in this collection consist of digitized archival materials are from the George A. Wingate, John B. Johnston, and Patrick Quinn Scrapbooks contained in the Records of the Brooklyn Democratic Party at the Brooklyn College Library.

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Pamphlet listing judicial nominees for democratic party
Pamphlet lists Democratic nominees. Front describes four judges: Robert H. Roy and Maurice E. Connolly for Supreme Court; J. Gratton MacMahon and Charles, J. McDermott for County Court. Back has photos and biographies of Franklin (Frank) J. Taylor for Congress, W. Bernard Vause for Senator and Charles C. Johnson for Assembly.
Pamphlet on the high cost of living
Pamphlet from Kings County Register Richardson Webster asking people to donate land for war garden use. Back: Application for Use of Land
Park commissioner Harman for sheriff campaign postcard
Postcard sent by John Dorman to constituents asking if "they would be willing to serve on the Campaign Committee of Park Commissioner John N. Harman for the office of Sheriff."
Photograph of John B. Johnston and family
Photograph of John B. Johnston who "finds time between campaign tours to read to John, Jr." Johnston is pictured with his wife and son.
Polish citizens endorse John B. Johnston
Letter written by the Polish Citizens Committee endorsing John B. Johnston for Supreme Court Justice describing the candidate as "an eminent lawyer, prominent writer … one who has proved himself a true friend of the Polish people."
Postcard promoting Edward Ward McMahon
Postcard asking voters to choose Edward Ward McMahon for Supreme Court. Front: Photo. Reverse: Letter from James O'Neill
Poster advocating John B. Johnston for justice of the Supreme Court
Poster advocating John B. Johnston, "a man of tried ability who would be an asset to our judiciary,"for Justice of the Supreme Court, Second Judicial District.
Poster endorsing Charles I. Stengle
Poster endorsing Charles I. Stengle, the regular Democratic Nominee for Congress, in the sixth district.
Poster endorsing Frank E. Johnson
Poster endorsing Frank E. Johnson, Democratic Nominee for Senator in the ninth district.
Poster promoting John B. Johnston
Promotional poster placed by the Rockaway Citizens' Committee endorsing John B. Johnston for Justice of the Supreme Court listing the numerous people on the executive board.
Primary ballot for 1st election district
Official Primary Ballot for the 1st Election District of the 18th Assembly District of Kings County, September 3, 1918. Back: Ballot with numbers pencilled in next to names.
Promotional advertisement for John B. Johnston
Promotional press release placed in Patchogue Advance on October 28, 1927 with a brief biography and photograph of John B. Johnston.
Promotional advertisement for Johnston and
Promotional advertisement for John B. Johnston and Townsend Scudder as Justices for the Supreme Court. Includes photos of both candidates.
Queens County Bar Association endorses John B. Johnston
Newburg News article states that Queens County Bar Association endorses the candidacy of John B. Johnston for Justice of the Supreme Court. Lawyers' committees headed by leading members of the bar in each of the counties are working on behalf of Johnston.
Quinn fails to keep promise
The World newspaper reports that Street Cleaning Deputy Commissioner Patrick H. Quinn threatened to raid the trucks obstructing streets, but "his ardor has cooled off" which is annoying the fire department because they are hampered by wagons found blocking the streets nightly.
Quinn works hard to clean streets
The World reports that 3,500 men helped with shoveling and street-cleaning in the city, but in West Meadows "families were without food and fuel for days and tore down outhouses to get heat from the burning wood."
Re-elect Alonzo G. McLaughlin poster
This poster asks voters to re-elect County Judge Alonzo G. McLaughlin. Front: Photo of Alonzo G. McLaughlin. Back: Biography of McLaughlin.
Re-elect Charles A. Dodd
This handbill/postcard asks voters to re-elect Charles J. Dodd for District Attorney. Front: Photo of Dodd. Reverse: Advice to voters that the candidate is "faithful, fearless, just."
Re-elect Edward S. Moran
Double-sided handbill/postcard to re-elect Edward S. Moran for Assemblyman. Front: Photo. Back: Biography and Voting Machine Instructions.
Re-elect Edward S. Moran, Jr.
Handbill/postcard asking voters to re-elect Edward S. Moran, Jr., for Member of Assembly, 12th Assembly District. Front: Photo of Moran. Reverse: Biography with ballot.
Re-elect Emory F. Dyckman
Handbill asks voters to re-elect Emory F. Dyckman a Member of the Assembly in the 21st District. Front: Photo of Dyckman. Reverse: Biography of Dyckman.
Re-elect Franklin Taylor
An invitation to enroll as a member of the Citizens' Non-Partisan Committee to re-elect Franklin Taylor as County Judge. Bottom of invitation has perforations to remove reply card.
Re-elect George W. Martin as county judge
This handbill/postcard advises voters "to keep a good judge on the bench and to vote for County Judge George W. Martin." Front: Photo of Judge Martin. Reverse: Biography of Martin.
Re-elect Harry E. Lewis pamphlet
Pamphlet to re-elect Harry E. Lewis for Brooklyn District Attorney. Front: Photo. Inside: Reasons to Vote for Lewis. Back: Sample Ballot and Biography.
Re-elect Judge Frank S. Gannon, Jr. for Supreme Court justice
This double-sided handbill endorses Judge Frank S. Gannon, Jr., for Supreme Court Justice. Front: Description of Judge Gannon. Reverse: Sample ballot.
Re-elect Judge Jacob S. Strahl
This double-sided handbill asks voters to re-elect Judge Jacob S. Strahl. Front: Cartoon of Strahl refusing to evict tenant. Reverse: Cartoon depicting Strahl's humane decisions.
Re-elect Judge John P. Cohalan handbill
Double-sided handbill asking voters to keep John P. Cohalan in office. Front: Image of Judge Cohalan who served 14 years as Surrogate in New York. Reverse: Advising voters that "this is your fight."
Re-elect Reuben L. Haskell card
Small card asking voters to re-elect Reuben L. Haskell for County Judge.
Re-elect Richardson Webster
Double-sided handbill advocating re-election of Richardson Webster as Register of Kings County. Front: Photo. Back: Platform, accomplishments and sample ballot.
Re-elect William E. Kelly as county clerk
This handbill advocates the re-election of County Clerk William E. Kelly "and continue him in office." Front: Photograph of William E. Kelly. Reverse: Biography of Kelly.
Re-elect William E. Kelly as county clerk
This double-sided handbill asks voters to re-elect William E. Kelly, "a popular public official," as County Clerk. Front: Photo of William E. Kelly. Reverse: Brief biography listing Kelly's accomplishments.
Referral sheet used by Johnston supporters
Sheet used by John B. Johnston Lawyers Committtee to log in new members.
Reform is promised
Police received several reports of trucks obstructing streets in the borough. Their response: "Reasonable time had to be allowed owners to remove such vehicles."
Response card for Judge Edgar M. Doughty
Response card for Judge Edgar M. Doughty's campaign. Front: Address of campaign headquarters. Back: Response form.
Rogers for attorney general pamphlet
Pamphlet to members of the Bar of the State of N.Y. on the record and public service of Judge Erskine C. Rogers. Inside: Biography of the Republican nominee for Attorney General, Erskine C. Rogers.
Rogers for state committeeman
Handbill asking voters to choose Harry T. Rogers for State Committeeman.
Rubinstein letter endorsing George A. Wingate
Letter from Moe Rubinstein to friends of George A. Wingate, candidate for Surrogate of Kings County, requesting their vote and support on election day.
Rural Long Island newspaper article praising John B. Johnston
Messenger & Rural Long Islander newspaper article describes John B. Johnston "universally regarded as one of the best."
Sample ballot for election day November 5, 1918
Sample ballot for Election Day, Tuesday, November 5, 1918, with list of ten reasons why people should vote for Alfred E. Smith as Governor.
Schanzer letter supporting John B. Johnston
Letter to John B. Johnston supporters from Al Schanzer, Chairman of the Speakers Bureau of the Lawyers Committee, advocating election of John B. Johnston for Justice of the Supreme Court.
Schieffelin fundraising letter for George A. Wingate's fight against bossism and demagogism
Letter from William Jay Schieffelin of the Citizens Union urging George A. Wingate to help "fight bossism and demagogism" by sending a contribution.
Schlickerman telegram endorsing John B. Johnston
Western Union Telegram from Alfred Shlickerman to the John B. Johnston Lawyers Committee.
Schneller letter to firemen endorsing John B. Johnston
Letter written by George Schneller to "Brother Firemen" regarding the candidacy of John B. Johnston for Justice of the Supreme Court.
Schwartz letter supporting John B. Johnston
Letter written by Joseph J. Schwartz describing John B. Johnston as "a capable lawyer, man of character and cultivation … qualities necessary for the successful discharge of the duties of the high office of Justice of the Supreme Court."
Singleton letter supporting John B. Johnston
Letter by Fred W. Singleton describing John B. Johnston as a "capable lawyer, man of character and cultivation, and possessing the intellect and temperamental qualities necessary for successul discharge of the duties of higher office."
Statement on nominaton of John B. Johnston
Two-page official statement details John B. Johnston's political career, legal activities and platform. This address was made at a campaign rally at the American Legion Hall in Mineola on October 19th.
Steingut for 18th assembly district
Double-sided handbill to vote for Irwin Steingut for Brooklyn's 18th Assembly District. Front: Image and quote. Reverse: Biography.
Street cleaners, White Wings and disease in the streets
More of the White Wings street cleaners were to be employed by the city. However, since the building of a new cleaning plant has been postponed, hiring any more street cleaners has been delayed.
Street cleaning commissioner admits Brooklyn filth is breeding disease
The World reports that Street Cleaning Deputy Commissioner Patrick H. Quinn admitted that he did not have enough money to clean Brooklyn's dirty streets, and that "mounds of slush and slime line the streets."
Summary of work for Justice Townsend
This is a Summary of Record of Work for six years and an Appeal Record (1914-1919) for Justice Townsend Scudder with mention made of his time and work in court.


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