Brooklyn College, Brooklyn Democratic Party Scrapbooks

The 223 objects in this collection consist of digitized archival materials are from the George A. Wingate, John B. Johnston, and Patrick Quinn Scrapbooks contained in the Records of the Brooklyn Democratic Party at the Brooklyn College Library.

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Taylor victim of bad error
This handbill of a reprinted article from Brooklyn Times states that Franklin Taylor was erroneously accused of favoring peace with Germany without "first demanding the Kaiser's unconditional surrender."
Trolley roads defy law
Article about how individuals in the Brooklyn Heights railroad system refuse to pay for snow removal. Deputy Commissioner Patrick H. Quinn plans to ask the Corporation Counsel to sue for money that the city is owed.
Trucks still obstruct streets
Wagons and trucks can still be found on streets because owners of "these vehicles are disregarding Mr. Quinn's polite request to remove them."
Tuozzo supports George A. Wingate
Letter from attorney Anthony F. Tuozzo urging people to vote for George A. Wingate as Surrogate of Kings County.
Typewritten statement concerning nominaton of John B. Johnston
Four page typescript detailing John B. Johnston's political career, legal activities and platform.
Veterans' Judiciary Committee letter supporting Judge W. Bernard Vause
Letter written by the Veterans' Judiciary Committee requesting that voters look carefully at the record of Judge W. Bernard Vause, Candidate for County Judge of Kings County.
Vote for James Crooke McLeer
This double-sided handbill asks voters to choose James Crooke McLeer, Republican candidate for Surrogate Judge. Front: Photo. Back: Biography.
Vote for John B. Johnston for Supreme Court
Red printed sign urging people to vote for John B. Johnston for the Supreme Court.
Vote for W. Bernard Vause
Handbill touting W. Bernard Vause, Democratic Nominee for County Judge.
Vote for William E. Kelly
Card asking friends to vote for William E. Kelly, Democratic Nominee for County Clerk.
Wesley L. Young night
Poster promoting Wesley L. Young Night to be held at the Arcadia Hall on Halsey Street on November 1, 1927 to help boost all candidates running for office from John F. O'Brien to Lawrence Fish.
Western New York's Meyer Jacobstein for governor
Double-sided handbill promoting Meyer Jacobstein of Rochester for Governor of New York. Front: Image and newspaper endorsements. Reverse: Biography and more endorsements.
White Wings street cleaning jobs sold
Charles Russell was arrested and charged with obtaining money from "poor Italians under the pretence of getting them jobs in the Street-Cleaning Department."
White Wings street cleaning squad ordered to clean Coney Island
The White Wings have been ordered to clean up Coney Island. "It hasn't been cleaned up since the Rough Riders were there last fall." Their duties include removing garbage, waste paper and mud.
White for Assembly District 21 handbill
This double-sided handbill asks voters to choose John B. White for Assembly District 21. Front: Photo of White. Back: Biography and political platform.
Wingate Campaign Committee postcard
Response postcard asking people to serve on George Wingate's Campaign Committee.
Wingate for surrogate handbill
Small handbill with photo of George A. Wingate noting his qualifications as capable, courteous, conscientious and considerate.
Wingate handbill
Double-sided handbill of Surrogate George A. Wingate. Front: Photo of George A. Wingate. Reverse: Biography of Wingate.
Women will campaign for Johnston and
Standard Union article declaring that 3,000 women will campaign for John B. Johnston and Townsend Scudder, Democratic nominees for Justices of the Supreme Court.
Women's Democratic Campaign Committee invites Eleanor Roosevelt to speak
Brooklyn Times article stating that Eleanor (Mrs. Franklin D.) Roosevelt will be guest speaker at the the Women's Democratic Campaign Committee. John B. Johnston will be among the candidates attending.
Women's Health Protective Association criticize street cleaner Joseph A. McGarry's contract
Members of the Women's Health Protective Association are determined that street cleaner Joseph A. McGarry's contract is not renewed.
Yiddish handbill in support of John B. Johnston
This double-sided handbill printed in Yiddish was to appeal to Jewish voters. Front: Photo of Johnston, the Regular Democratic nominee. Reverse: Telling voters what he will do if elected.
Zulking endorses John B. Johnston
Letter written by Harry Zulking to his friends advocating John B. Johnston for Justice of the Supreme Court because of his "qualifications, honor and dignity."


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