Brooklyn College, Brooklyn Democratic Party Scrapbooks

The 223 objects in this collection consist of digitized archival materials are from the George A. Wingate, John B. Johnston, and Patrick Quinn Scrapbooks contained in the Records of the Brooklyn Democratic Party at the Brooklyn College Library.

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12 reasons why women should vote for Alfred E. Smith for governor
Double-sided handbill for Alfred E. Smith's campaign. Front: Photograph of Alfred E. Smith. Reverse: 12 reasons why women should vote for Smith.
47th election district postcard
Postcard asking a personal favor of the voter to select certain candidates in the Democratic Primary.
Abyssinian Republican Club handbill appealing to black voters
This handbill asks "every colored man and woman to vote for the Abyssinian Republican Club of Kings County."
Advertisement endorsing nominees in upcoming election
Advertisement endorsing the Justice of Court of Appeals, Justices of Supreme Court, Members of Assembly, Sheriff, and Aldermen for 63rd, 64th and 65th Districts.
Advertisement promoting John B. Johnston's address to National Council of Jewish Women, Staten Island chapter
Newspaper ad advising individuals of Johnston's address at a benefit perfomance of the Staten Island Chapter of National Council of Jewish Women to be held October 31, 1927.
Advocate newspaper article endorsing John B. Johnston and Townsend
Advocate newspaper article commending the choice of John B. Johnston and Townsend Scudder as a "judicial ticket which compares favorably with any that has ever been submitted to voters of the district."
Arens letter advocating John B. Johnston
Letter written by Max Arens describing John B. Johnston as a friend who "possesses all the sterling and humane characteristics which make a good and honorable judge."
Article endorsing John B. Johnston for Supreme Court justice
Brooklyn Times article declares John B. Johnston for Supreme Court Justice "one of the finest selections made by any party in years."
Article on proposal to use trolleys to transport garbage
The World reports on a proposal to form a company that will transport garbage, ashes and freight via trolleys.
Article on widespread support for John B. Johnston
Staten Island Leader article describes the strong support John B. Johnston is receiving from the "far end of Staten Island to where Long Island greets the rising sun at Montauk Point."
Article supporting former Elmhurst resident, John B. Johnston
Rockaway Wave article on John B. Johnston's candidacy for Supreme Court and the warm reception the former resident of Elmhurst received during a speaking engagement at the Amerind Democratic Club. (Johnston's name is misspelled).
Asking teachers to vote for Alfred E. Smith
Handbill appealing to teachers to vote for Alfred E. Smith for Governor.
Back a Buck Company Barracks supports Edward Ward McMahon
This letter urges war veterans to choose Edward Ward McMahon as Judge.
Bayes for Supreme Court
Small double-sided handbill urging voters to elect William R. Bayes to the Brooklyn Supreme Court. Front: Photo and sample ballot. Back: Biography.
Beech-nut gum wrapper promoting Jacob A. Freedman for Kings County judge
Gum wrapper prepared by the Beech-Nut Packing Company asking voters elect Jacob A. Freedman as County Judge of Kings County.
Berry for state comptroller handbill
This double-sided handbill asks voters to support Charles Berry, a veteran who fought in Flanders and France, as State Comptroller. Front: Photograph of Berry. Reverse: Biography of candidate.
Biographical statement about John B. Johnston
Biographical information about Supreme Court Justice candidate John B. Johnston.
Black for Congress
Small double-sided handbill asking voters to choose Loring M. Black Jr for Congress. Front: Photo. Back: Quote from NY Globe.
Brooklyn Times article on John B. Johnston visiting Queens
Newspaper article declaring "old home night" when former Congressman Johnston, Democratic Candidate for Supreme Court, visited and met "old boyhood friends."
Brooklyn Times article on formation of John B. Johnston re-election committee
Brief article on the formation of a committee of lawyers to work for the re-election of John B. Johnston, Democratic candidate for Justice of the Supreme Court.
Brooklyn tablet and flagpole dedication
Standard Union newspaper article on the dedication of a tablet and flagpole erected in the memory of the "boys of South Brooklyn who gave their lives in the World War." Attendees included John B. Johnston and General George A. Wingate.
Brooklyn's encumbered downtown streets
New York World article describes the problem on some of Brooklyn's downtown streets with "horses that are stabled till morning and vehicles standing on the street just opposite the stables."
Browne for Kings County sheriff
Double-sided handbill advocating James J. Browne for Sheriff in Kings County. Front: Image of James J. Browne. Reverse: Ballot with James J. Browne's name.
Button and red ribbon advocating George A. Wingate for surrogate
Button has portrait of George A. Wingate on a red ribbon advocating "For Surrogate, George A. Wingate."
Calder Lee endorses Senator William M. Calder to women voters
Letter from Elsie Calder Lee requesting women voters re-elect her father, William M. Calder, Republican Senator.
Campaign button and ribbon for John B. Johnston
Campaign button and ribbon with John B. Johnston's photo touting his run for Justice of the Supreme Court and mentioning the distribution of these buttons to voters in Kings County, Queens and Long Island.
Candidates for justices of the Supreme Court
Large fold-out double-sided handbill advocating five candidates for Justices of the Supreme Court. Front: Photos of Townsend Scudder, Druhan, Burt Jay Humphrey, Garvin and Edward Ward McMahon with biography of each. Reverse: Sample ballot.
Cassin for Congress handbill
Double-sided handbill asking voters to choose Edward Cassin for Congress, Fifth District. Front: Photo of Cassin listing his plans. Reverse: What the League of Nations proposes.
Certificate selecting the treasurer of John B. Johnston Citizens Committee
Certificate selecting Matthew Carroll as the Treasurer of the John B. Johnston Citizens Committee.
Christmas card from John N. Harman
Christmas card sent to friends of John N. Harman extending Season's Greetings and grateful appreciation for aid rendered during his recent campaign.
Citizens Union of New York and Woman's Municipal League endorse John B. Johnston
The Citizens Union of the City of New York united with the Woman's Municipal League, "has recognized John B. Johnston's qualifications for the office of Justice of the Supreme Court," as well as the candidacy of Townsend Scudder and Franklin M. Tomlin.
City official and street cleaning department censured
The Street Cleaning Department was censured for neglecting to remove ashes from the streets of Brooklyn. A resolution was adopted to complain to Mayor Van Wyck about the Commissioner of Street Cleaning.
Civic Study Club endorses Alfred E. Smith to women teachers
Handbill from the Civic Study Club appealing to women voters "to prove your gratitude" and re-elect Alfred E. Smith as Governor.
Cleaning the street illustration
Illustration of Street Cleaner James McDonald in his uniform using a broom and a shovel alternately to clean the street.
Corroon letter endorsing John B. Johnston
Letter from R. A. Corroon to George Stanton Floyd-Jones who would "consider it a personal favor if you could see your way clear to cast your ballot in favor of Mr. Johnston."
Cusack endorses John B. Johnston
Letter written by William F. Cusack asking voters to choose John B. Johnston, whom he has known for many years and "admired both as a lawyer and man."
DeBevoise endorses Colonel James Crooke McLeer
Letter written by DeBevoise telling voters he served with Colonel James Crooke McLeer during the Spanish-American War and found him "clean, straightforward and humane … and, as a practising lawyer, splendidly qualified and equipped for office."
Democratic nominees on ballot
Handbill listing Democratic Nominees for Justice of Court of Appeals, Justices of the Supreme Court, Judges of County Court, District Attorney, Sheriff, County Clerk, and Register.
Democratic women and the upcoming election
New York American article on members of the Women's Committee who have begun an intensive election drive for Democratic candidates, John B. Johnston and Townsend Scudder, running for Justices of the Supreme Court.
Department of street cleaning appoints Patrick H. Quinn
Letter from the Department of Street Cleaning appointing Patrick H. Quinn Deputy Commissioner of Street Cleaning in the city of New York in the borough of Brooklyn.
Department of street cleaning notice
Notice from the Department of Street Cleaning "directing the sale of trucks, cars, vehicles and other property."
Do you know George A. Wingate for surrogate?
Double-sided handbill urging support for George A. Wingate's candidacy for Surrogate. Front: Title. Back: Statistics showing Wingate's competency
Dowling for Supreme Court justice
This double-sided handbill/postcard asks people to vote for George J. S. Dowling. Front: Photo and biography of Dowling. Back: Request that voters choose Dowling as their Democratic Candidate for Justice of the Supreme Court.
Dump at Clinton Street
Drawing of Street Cleaning Department workers in uniforms shoveling garbage at Clinton Street dump.
Elder pledges support for John B. Johnston
Letter in which Robert Elder pledges suppport for the John B. Johnston campaign.
Elect Richard S. Newcombe as district attorney poster
Large poster requesting that voters choose Richard S. Newcombe, "a real District Attorney," listing many of Newcombe's backers.
Endorsement of John B. Johnston
Letter endorsing John B. Johnston as a "gentleman of refinement" and asking voters to choose him for Justice of the Supreme Court on election day.
Endorsements for five justices of the Supreme Court
Double-sided handbill advocating five candidates for Justices of the Supreme Court. Front: Photos of Scudder, Druhan, Humphrey, Garvin and McMahon with biography of each. Reverse: Sample ballot.
Faber for Supreme Court justice
Handbill promoting Leander B. Faber for Justice of the Supreme Court with clippings of articles from the New York Sun and Judiciary Committee extolling his qualifications.
Far Rockaway Women's Democratic Club host luncheon
Brooklyn Times article describes the women who attended a luncheon at the Columbia clubhouse, under the auspices of the Far Rockaway Women's Democratic Club, where an alderman spoke on the upcoming campaign.


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