Down At Steeplechase Park

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245 10|aDown At Steeplechase Park
260 |aBrooklyn|bP. J. McGrath|c1911
500 |aPublisher street address: 377 State Street
500 |aWaltz song advertising Steeplechase Park. For voice and piano.
500 |aArranger: Corcoran, Chas. A.
500 |aComposer: McGrath, P. J.
500 |aLyricist: McGrath, P. J.
520 |aColor illustration of a man with comically distorted features in a suit and the interior of Steeplechase Park's Pavilion of Fun (Coney Island). On light green background.
540 |aWhile many images in the Brooklyn Collection are unrestricted, we do not own reproduction rights to all materials. Be aware of the several kinds of rights that might apply: copyright, licensing and trademarks. The end user assumes all responsibility for copyright questions.
650 1 |aUnited States--New York (State)--New York--Brooklyn
650 1 |aMusic publishing industry
650 1 |aJingles (Advertising songs)
650 1 |aWaltzes
650 1 |aConey Island (New York, N.Y.)
650 1 |aSteeplechase Park (New York, N.Y.)
655 7|aSheet music covers|2lctgm
700 1 |aMcGrath, P. J.|eCreator
773 0 |tBrooklyn Sheet Music Collection
787 0
787 0
852 |aBrooklyn Public Library, Brooklyn Collection