Summertime, When All the Girls Get Back From School

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245 10|aSummertime, When All the Girls Get Back From School
260 |aNew York|bReisenweber's, Inc.|c1916
500 |aFor voice and piano. From the revue, "Splash Me, 1916." Souvenir copy. Cover art by Starmer.
500 |aComposer: Heindl, Anton
500 |aLyricist: Weslyn, Louis, 1875-1936
520 |aBlue and orange illustrations of the Hotel Shelburne, Reisenweber's and a woman in the ocean wearing a swimsuit and cap. Stylized text, "from Reisenweber's Summer Revue, 'Splash Me, 1916.' Produced at the Hotel Shelburne."
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650 1 |aUnited States--New York (State)--New York--Brooklyn
650 1 |aMusic publishing industry
650 1 |aMusical theater--Excerpts--Vocal scores with piano
650 1 |aSongs with piano
650 1 |aPopular music--1911-1920
655 7|aSheet music covers|2lctgm
710 2 |aReisenweber's, Inc.|eCreator
773 0 |tBrooklyn Sheet Music Collection
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852 |aBrooklyn Public Library, Brooklyn Collection