Brooklyn Public Library, Brooklyn Sheet Music Covers

The Brooklyn Sheet Music Covers Collection consists of 102 pieces of sheet music from 1869 to 1987, primarily for voice and piano, all celebrating or emanating from the borough of Brooklyn. Contents include marches written in honor of a local person or business, pieces celebrating the whole or a part of the borough, songs from shows and movies set in or about Brooklyn, and pieces from Brooklyn's early 20th-century Yiddish-language theater.

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"Our Boys" Waltzes
Bold black text on coral colored paper. Text, "As played by Wernig's 23d, Downing's 9th, and Grafulla's 7th Regiment Bands. Piano, 60 Cents. Orchestra."
"When the Flowers Bloom in Spring-time" "Molly Dear" [advertisement]
Back cover of Mariutch (Make-a the Hootch-a Ma Kootch) Down at Coney Isle. Sample of the sheet music for "When the Flowers Bloom in Spring-time" "Molly Dear."
A Thematic List of Popular Pieces [advertisement]
Back cover of Brooklyn Glide Waltzes. Advertisement for other music such as, Angel's Kisses Nocturne, Chums Polka, Chums Waltz, Flight of the Swallows, etc. including sample verses, composer information and price.
Alphonzo Smith Offers His Large and Extensive Assortment of Piano-Fortes and Organs of All the Leading Makers [advertisement]
Back cover of Shew Fly Polka Redowa. Illustration of piano on green paper with text, "..the celebrated "Wheelock" piano-fortes and world renowned "Estey" organs. Extremely low for cash or from $5 to $10 monthly until fully paid.."
And a Genuine Gold Plated Chain and Charm complete, $8.00 [advertisement]
Back cover of Lilly Lee. Business ads: Hayden & Glidden, G. Schlueter & Mendez, Wm. Gorden, Markham & Johnson, Olivier & Co., Gage's, James Sweet, Deverall's, P. Weigel & Son.
Anniversary Hymns 1901
Booklet containing numerous hymns, including, Forward!; Master, I Pray Thee; God is Love; etc. Illus.: young girl in white dress holding hymn book with birds perched along its top. Girl is surrounded by yellow ribbon, pink flowers and green background.
Arion Piano Forte [advertisement]
Back cover of Brooklyn Life Waltzes. Ad, "Arion Piano Forte. Par excellence. The piano of the age. Elegance and excellence ... to be had at McDonald's old established Arion Piano Warerooms... Golden piano."
Army and Navy Waltzes
Stylized text with decorative flourishes enclosed in border, "Pr. 50¢."
Be Sure and Try These on Your Piano [advertisement]
Back cover of March of the Veterans. Advertisement featuring sample sheet music in green, including the songs: Dream Whispers, Pictures of Fancy, Singing Birds and Pattering Rain. Text, "Complete copies available at all Music Stores."
Bergen Beach Schottisch
Stylized text and decorative details in dark blue font. "Pr. 40¢. Entered at Stationer's Hall London Eng."
Blasius, Albrecht and Regent Pianos and Piano Players [advertisement]
Back cover of Brighton Beach March. Advertisement for Blasius & Sons, piano sellers. Featuring sheet music for, "Song to the Stars." Text, "Buy your piano direct from the manufacturer. Save all immediate profits - easy terms."
Born and Bred in Brooklyn (Over the Bridge)
Color illustration of a woman (wearing pearls and a hat) standing in front of city skyline and the Brooklyn Bridge. Photograph of George M. Cohan. List of songs from the show and their prices listed on cover. Operatic edition emblem in lower left corner.
Brighton Beach March
Large, stylized text and pink background. Pink, dark red, and green illustration of the ocean, clouds, birds, sailboats, shells and flowers.
Brooklyn Belle Barn Dance
Color illustration of an elegant woman in a large, plumed hat. Red stylized text. Text, "Septett 1/=nett. Full orchestra 1/6."
Brooklyn Bridge March
Bold text and decorative details enclosed in border.
Brooklyn Daily Eagle Bridge Crush March (Descriptive)
Stylized text, "Bandmaster of Slafer's Brooklyn Marine Band. Price 50 Cents." Cover features photographs of the Brooklyn Daily Eagle building and William E. Slafer, as well as an illustration of crowds of people boarding trolleys.
Brooklyn Glide Waltzes
Template illustration of leaves framing text. Music includes references to: Moonlight on the O., Flight of the Swallows, Angel Kisses, Grand Military Review, Wait for the breaking of the day, I will always remember, etc.
Brooklyn High School March
Sheet music without cover.
Brooklyn Life Waltzes
Illustration in corners of potted plant with butterflies and painted hand fans surrounded by decorative border. Blue, gold, and magenta.
Brooklyn's March [Opus 79]
Dark red decorative flourishes and stylized text, " As performed by Conterno's Famous Concert Band." Signed purple-toned photograph featuring G. E. Conterno in uniform holding a conductor's baton.
Coney Island March and Two-Step
Decorative flourishes and stylized text in dark blue. Black and white photograph of Harry A. Prior with moustache wearing suit, tie and overcoat.
Crossing on the Ferry
Illustration with stylized text. Text, "To the citizens of Brooklyn.... by Bobby Newcomb, author of 'Skating in the Park."
Der Schwerd Fin Blut Und Treiren [The Sword of Blood and Tears]
Sepia photograph of Jacob P. Adler with the words, "As he is to-day." Text, "As sung with great success by the greatest living Jewish Tragedian. In his foremost production 'The War Victims' at the Liberty Theatre." Title in Latin and Hebrew alphabets.
Don't Tell Her That You Saw Me [advertisement]
Back cover of Second Battalion March. Advertisement featuring sample sheet music in dark pink, including the songs: Don't Tell Her That You Saw Me, Brush by Nigger, Brush by, I want a Real Coon and Cottonfield Dance.
Down At Steeplechase Park
Color illustration of a man with comically distorted features in a suit and the interior of Steeplechase Park's Pavilion of Fun (Coney Island). On light green background.
Drake's Cake Walk
Stylized text and border around an illustration of a cake that is decorated with a horseshoe and flowers. The words "Good Luck" are written on the horseshoe.
Flowers for all Occasions [advertisement]
Back cover of Thinking of You All the Time featuring ads for businesses in Brooklyn: Planson's Florist & Pet Shop, Jaques, Rugby Furniture, Beverly Meat Market, Rice Bowl Restaurant and The Hollywood Art Studio.
Francis, Day & Hunter's Successful Dance Novelties [advertisement]
Back cover of Permans' Brooklyn Cake Walk. Advertisement for dances, including, New Dances, Valses, Quadrilles, Barn Dances, Lancers, Polkas, Schottisches, Galops and Post-Dances. Text, "Price Two Shillings Each, Nett."
Hurrah for Bushwick High
Black and white drawing of the front exterior of Bushwick High School. Stylized text.
Klytia Waltzes
Illustration of flowers surrounding text, enclosed in border. Silver and orange.
Latest Successes [advertisement]
Back cover of Brooklyn Belle Barn Dance featuring a listing of composers with popular songs, such as: Valse Mystique, Aubade Valse, Dainty Valse, Perle D'Orient Valse, Only a Faded Rose Waltz, Royal Visit Waltz, Dixie Rag Two Step and others.
Liberty Bell March [advertisement]
Back cover of the Manhattan Beach March. Black and white illustration of portrait of John Philip Sousa above an illustration of the Liberty Bell.
Lilly Lee
Illustration of man, possibly E. H. Harding, surrounded by stylized text and decorative design. Text, "Musical Album. F.A Cotharin, Publisher & Proprietor. Compliments of William Gorden, Confectioner."
Look for the Silver Lining [advertisement]
Back cover of Nesting Time in Flatbush. Advertisement for the song, "The Hit from Sally, Look for the Silver Lining." Includes excerpt of sheet music.
Manhattan Beach March
Illustration of portrait of John Philip Sousa above the Manhattan Beach Hotel. Stamped with "Property of N. B. Borden, Jr." Stamped with a number seven. Annotation, "Annie R. Smith. Feb. 19, '95."
Manhattan Beach March
Illustration of portrait of John Philip Sousa above the Manhattan Beach Hotel. Annotated with the number 2.
March of the Veterans
Sepia toned photograph, surrounded by decorative green border, of Adolph Kirchner in uniform holding conductor's wand. Text, " Two-Step. Played by 13th Regiment Band. Brooklyn. Adolph Kirchner, Conductor."
Mariutch (Make-a the Hootch-a Ma Kootch) Down at Coney Isle
Color illustration on blue background of man with moustache, hoop earring and polka dot scarf standing in front of Coney Island skyline. Red-toned photographs of Eugene and Willie Howard and Harry Von Tilzer at bottom of page.
Martin's Silver Dress Parade
Dark blue and white cover featuring a drawing of the profile and back view of a woman fashionably dressed. In art deco style. Dates, 1903 and 1928 displayed at bottom. Initials, "F.J.M" displayed on bottom right corner.
Nesting Time in Flatbush
Black and orange cover with geometric design. Songs from "Oh Boy!" listed on cover: A Pal Like You, Words are Not Needed, Till the Clouds Roll By, Be a Little Sunbeam, An Old Fashioned Wife, Nesting Time, Ain't it a Glorious Feeling, etc.
New York and Coney Island Cycle March Two-Step
Full color illustration featuring a man and a woman riding bicycles along the Coney Island Fairgrounds. Four bicycles wheels are featured in the corners, each surrounding a different Coney Island attraction. Possibly number 5 in a series.
Oh, I'm So Lonesome [advertisement]
Back cover of Down at Steeplechase Park featuring sample sheet music for the song, "Oh, I'm So Lonesome."
Peeking thro' the Bars
Illustration of farm with animals and a woman drawing water from a well. An elegantly dressed young woman is standing by a fence in the foreground. Stylized text resembles tree branches.
Professor Victor Frei's Conservatory of Music [advertisement]
Back cover of Veni Creator Spiritus. Ad in German and English offering classes in instrumental music, vocal lessons and theoretical music studies for children.
Put Your Arms Around Me, Honey
Pink cover with photographs of George Montgomery, Cesar Romero and Betty Grable. Text, "In the 20th Century-Fox picture Coney Island. In Technicolor. Decca Record #4337 by Dick Kuhn and his Orchestra. Buy United States War Savings Bonds and Stamps."
Put Your Arms Around Me, Honey
Pink cover with photographs of George Montgomery, Cesar Romero and Betty Grable. Text, "In the 20th Century-Fox picture Coney Island. In Technicolor. Decca Record #4337 by Dick Kuhn and his Orchestra. Buy United States War Savings Bonds and Stamps."
Read The Brooklyn Citizen [advertisement]
Back cover of Brooklyn Citizen March advertising the newspaper, The Brooklyn Citizen. Sample text, "Read The Brooklyn Citizen today, tomorrow and all the time if you wish to keep in touch with the news of the day. Daily, 2 Cents. Sunday 3 Cents."
Second Battalion March
Stylized dark pink text, "The Battalion photographed at Sands Point, L.I. Sunday duty 25.97." Illustrations of a rope and anchor surround a black and white photograph of the 2nd Naval Battalion in full uniform on the beach at Sands Point.
Sheepshead Bay
Stylized text with decorative details.
Shew Fly Polka Redowa
Color illustration of people working and sitting outdoors with cows. Barn and house in background. On light green paper. Text, "1887. Our spring offering. Alphonzo Smith, dealer in pianos, organs and music. Read our great offer on outside back-page."


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