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The Bronx Chamber of Commerce donated this business collection to Lehman College on August 31, 1988. The 429 digitized items shown on this site, are largely from the Bronx Board of Trade years-- focusing on the 1920s through the 1950s.

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Morris High School Unveils Mural Painting, World War Memorial
Dedication of a mural painting over the arch of the stage in the auditorium of Morris High School. The mural honors the 867 Morris men and women who served in World War I. In--Bronxboro, Vol. IV, No. 7, pp. cover, 7-8.
Motion Picture Industry Returns To The Bronx
A return of movie production to the Bronx at the old Biograph Studios, reopened as the Gold Medal Studios. Includes cover photo and description. In--Bronxboro, Vol. XXXIV, Fall, pp. cover, 1, 3, 19.
Mount St. Michael Academy
Main Building of Mount St. Michael Academy at 4300 Murdock Ave.
Mount St. Michael Academy
The Memorial Building of Mount St. Michael Academy that honors thirty-nine of the school's alumni who gave their lives in defense of the country.
Mr ZIP Is Coming
Campaign to promote the use of zip (zoning improvement plan) codes, that promise to speed the delivery of mail. Shown is the lobby of the main Bronx post office at 149th St. & Grand Concourse.
Municipal Hospitals In The Bronx
Describes the need to expand bed capacity for Bronx hospitals, especially for chronic diseases such as cancer and tuberculosis. In-- Bronxboro, Vol. XXV, No. 10-11, pp. 39, 55.
NYS Barge Canal Terminal At Mott Haven
Looking southeast from 138th St. at the Bronx shoreline of the Harlem River and showing the NYS Canal Terminal building and the Park Ave. bridge of the New York Central Railroad.
National Gypsum Co.
Aerial view of the company's Hunts Point plant at Barry St. & Oak Point Ave. Shown at the dock is a company vessel discharging an 11,000 ton cargo of gypsum rock shipped from its quarries in Nova Scotia. The company specializes in fireproof and decorative insulation and cement flooring. Note Oak Point rail yards on the left.
National Plywood Co.
Shown is the company's warehouse on 445 Exterior St. & 141st St. that maintains a large stock of plywoods. A railroad car is positioned at the loading plaform of this two story concrete building.
New Chase Manhattan Bank
Ribbon cutting by Bronx Borough President James J. Lyons at the opening of the new Chase Manhattan Bank at 121 E. 170th St. & Townsend Ave.
New Hunter College Site In Great Bronx Educational Center
Plan for apportionment of Jerome Park Reservoir site for educational, cultural and transportation purposes. In--Vol. V, No. 1, p. 5.
New Industry In The Bronx Freedomland, U.S.A
Groundbreaking and plans for the Freedomland amusement park. Includes cover photograph from groundbreaking ceremony. In--Bronxboro, Vol. XXXVII, Fall, pp. cover, 1, 9.
New North Side Savings Bank
Interior view of the new bank showing some of the people waiting to open accounts. More than 10,000 people visted the bank on opening day, opening nearly 7,000 accounts totaling over $318,000. Women were given orchids flown in from Hawaii for the occasion.
New Office For The Bronx Chamber Of Commerce
Ribbon cutting for the new Bronx Chamber of Commerce office at 226 E. Fordham Road near Valentine Ave.
New Princess Telephone
The first public showing of the new Princess telephone in the Bronx by the New York Telephone Co. was held in the the Main Office of the Dollar Savings Bank on the Grand Concourse.
New Telephone Business Office in 'Kingsbridge'
The New York Telephone Co.'s new office opens at 3070 Albany Crescent south of W. 231st St. (In 1965 a member of the Buddist 'Temple of Enlightenment' donated this building for its services and programs.)
New York Botanical Garden Conservatory
Exterior view of Garden conservatory at entrance to the Palm House. Note pipe fencing favored by parks commissioner Robert Moses.
New York Botanical Garden Trail
Path along the Bronx River in the New York Botanical Garden showing an overhead bridge.
New York Botanical Garden, Museum Building.
View of Museum Building, constructed in 1902 and restored in 2005
New York Botanical Garden, Snuff Mill
Snuff Mill on eastern side of Bronx River. The mill was constructed in the 1840s and ceased operation as a snuff mill in 1870 when the Lorillard's moved their operations to New Jersey. To the left is Hemlock Forest, a remnant of the forest that once encompassed much of New York City.
New York Botanical Garden, Snuff Mill
Snuff Mill viewed from the west side with visitors enjoying the river.
New York Botanical Garden, Snuff Mill
Viewing Bronx River from outdoor terrace of the Snuff Mill.
New York Botanical Garden, Snuff Mill
Snuff Mill viewed from the south side and showing outdoor dining along the Bronx River.
New York Central Plan
Proposed plan (never implementd) of decking for the New York Central Railroad yards in the West Bronx. Shown in plan are the Major Deegan Expwy., Yankee Stadium, the County Building, Cardinal Hayes H.S., the 149th St. Post Office, Patterson Houses, and the Melrose Central building of the New York Central Railroad.
New York Giant Coaches
Coaches for the New York Giants standing on a field.
New York Giants Players And Their Wives
New York Giants players and their wives, who live at the Hotel Concourse Plaza, are treated to a buffet supper in the Terrace Room by the hotel managers.
New York Public Library, Kingsbridge Branch
Architects rendering of new Kingsbridge Branch to open on 231st St. & Corlear Ave. (A new facility is now being constructed.)
New York State Maritime Academy
Plan of new buildings at the Academy in Throggs Neck. Includes insert giving background on the oldest maritime academy in the country. (The academy is now the SUNY Maritime College.)
New York University
Nichols Chemistry Building on the Bronx campus of New York University. The building opened in December, 1927. The campus is now home to Bronx Community College, CUNY.
New York Yankee Contingent At The Hotel Concourse Plaza
The first group of Yankees leave from their hotel headquarters for their trip to Hawaii and Japan. The balance of the party will join the group in Chicago and San Francisco.
New York, New Haven & Hartford Railroad
Start of the initial run of the of the 'Maine Bullet' of fast freight from New York to Providence.
New York, New Haven & Hartford Railroad Express Ship
Railroad 'Express' ship shown near the foot of Lincoln Ave. and near the entrance to the Bronx Kills. On the left are railroad yards in the Bronx; and to the right is Rikers island. Shown in the distance is the upper part of the East River and Queens.
New York, New Haven & Hartford Railroad, Hellgate Yard
Air view of Providence Produce Warehouse Co. and railroad yard. Shown are portions of the Triborough Bridge and Bruckner Blvd. The warehouse is south fo 133rd St.
North New York Congregational Church
The church, in Romanesque Revival style, is located at E. 143rd St. near Willis Ave. To the right of the church is the Ramsey Church House and Parsonage, dedicated on Oct. 11, 1926.
North New York Savings & Loan Assn.
Plans for new bank branch at 2700 E. Tremont Ave. Robert Gottlieb, architect.
North New York Savings & Loan Assn.
Reviewing architectural plans for a new branch planned at 2700 East Tremont Ave. and due to open about Oct., 1964 near Westchester Square.
North Side Savings Bank 'Quiz Kid'
A student at St. Frances of Rome School, who took top honors on bank's Quiz Kids Panel, is presented with Yankees baseball tickets. His school is one of 27 Bronx schools participating in the bank's School Savings program.
North Side Team At Bank
North Side Savings Bank, sponsors of the Kingsbridge Little League, presents a check to the team as the players, coach and manager look on.
Oceana Oil Terminal
Plan of the terminal at 1040 E. 149th St. & the East River which will be 300,000 square feet and have a capacity of 28 million gallons of oil. This terminal is a Cirillo Bros. enterprise. Otto J. & Warren A. Samback are the consulting engineers.
Opening Of North Side Saving Bank
The crowd waits on line to enter the new main office of the bank at 231st St. near Broadway. Note the railroad bridge for the New York Putnam division between the buildings shown. The building on the right was later demolished to create the soutbound lanes for the Major Deegan Expwy.
Opening Of Post Office Station
Soundview station opening at 1687 Gleason Ave. is commemorated with a block of first issue stamps presented by Albert Goldman, postmaster (right) to the broker who arranged the real estate transaction.
Opening Of The Railroad Co-operative Bldg & Loan Association
Opening ceremonies at the bank's 316 E. Kingsbridge Rd. site near Fordham Rd. A crowd of well wishers is waiting outside.
Orchard Beach
Aerial view showing the Orchard Beach on the east shore of Pelham Bay Park. The sand for the crescent-shaped beach was from Long island. This beach replaced the original tent colony on the site.
Orchard Beach Development
Details progress on Orchard Beach and notes work still to be done. In-- Bronxboro, Vol. XIV, Nos. 3-4, pp. 3, 9-10.
P.S. 109
Plan for P.S. 109 located at 1771 Popham Ave. & 175th St. Eric Kebbon, Architect and Supt. of School Buildings.
P.S. 112
Plan for P.S. 112 at 1925 Schleiffelin Ave. Eggers & Higgins, Architects. This school followed the building of Edenwald Houses, and Baychester Houses.
P.S. 122
Plan for P.S. 112 at 260 W. Kingsbridge Rd. & Bailey Ave. by architects Chapman, Evans & Delehanty. The school is known locally as the Marble Hill School. The ground breaking ceremony for the school was on June 12, 1951.
P.S. 22
Plan for P.S. 22 by Eric Kebbon, Architect and Supt. Of School Buildings. The school opened in 1949 and is located at Morris Ave. & E. 167th St. The school is now Jordan L. Mott J.H.S.
P.S. 82
View of auditorium of P.S. 82 at 176th St. & Macombs Road.
PAL Youth Center
Edward P. Lynch PAL Youth Center at 974 E. 156th St. & Beck St. More than 2,500 boys and girls participate in sports, clubs, dances and other activities at the center. This building was originally the country home of Samuel B. White and is now part of the Longwood Historic District.


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