WCS and NYBG Libraries, Bronx Park Postcards

This digital collection brings together postcards held by the Wildlife Conservation Society Library (which houses the archives of the Bronx Zoo) and The New York Botanical Garden’s LuEsther T. Mertz Library. These 454 postcards, which range in date from 1905 to the 1980s, depict Bronx Park's natural beauty and highlight the buildings, landscapes, and inhabitants of the two iconic institutions located on this land.

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Springtime at the New York Botanical Garden's Rock Garden
Back caption: Springtime at the New York Botanical Garden's Rock Garden, designed and built by T.H. Everett in 1932.
Takins--Bronx Zoo
Back caption: Takins--Bronx Zoo / Takins are "goat-antelopes," extremely rare in zoos. They live in the mountains of northestern Burma and nearby areas of China. Takins look clumsy but are agile on the rocky hillsides they frequent in the wild.
Terrace of the Zoobar
Back caption: Terrace of the Zoobar, the new and gaily decorated restaurant in the Bronx Zoo, with its continental atmosphere and fine food at popular prices, overlooks the newly moated Elephant ranges., The Zoobar was located just south of the Children's Zoo.
The Conservatory, Bronx Park, New York
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The winner!
Back caption: The winner! / Bronx Zoo, New York City / Andy, the orang-utan from Borneo, may give the impression that he is the victor over little Sandra, his companion in the Bronx Zoo's Great Apes House. The facts are quite different. Andy does take the choicest grapes at feeding time, and if there is any "showing off" to be done before visitors, Andy does it. But Sandra lets him carry his masterfulness just so far--no farther.
Tibetan yak
Back caption: Tibetan yak / Highlands of Central Asia / Bronx Zoo Amateur Photography Contest by Dr. Macdonald Browne
Timber wolf--Bronx Zoo
Back caption: Timber wolf--Bronx Zoo / Once common in North America, Europe, and most of Asia east of Japan, the wolf has now been exterminated over most of its former range. The Bronx Zoo's natural habitat exhibit for wolves is a large, heavily-wooded, barless enclosure called Wolf Wood.
Tlinket Totem Pole and House New York Zoological Park
The Tlinket Totem Pole was near the current site of the Bug Carousel.
Back caption: "Toodle," the baby Llama from the Andes, in the Children's Zoo in the Bronx Zoo, New York. Toodle has soft, silky hair and likes to be petted.
Two real "dragon lizards" in the Bronx Zoo
Back caption: These Komodo Monitors, or "Dragon Lizards," are the largest lizards in the world, reaching 10 ft. in length. They came to the Bronx Zoo from the East Indies, and are the only ones in the U.S., Keeper is Steve Spencook
Victorian Palm Court
Back caption: The central feature of the Victorian Palm Court in the Enid A. Haupt Conservatory is a fountain designed by the French artist J.J. Dugal and cast in iron in 1898.
View from Mountain Sheep Hill New York Zoological Society
The Gelada Baboon Reserve is located on the former site of Mountain Sheep Hill.
Violet-necked cassowary
Back caption: Violet-necked cassowary--Bronx Zoo / This cassowary, from the Island of Aru, west of New Guinea, reaches a height of over five feet. The cassowary is flightless and the bony casque on its head is used in fending off obstructions as the huge bird rushes through thick underbrush.
W. Gilman Thompson Rock Garden
Back caption: The W. Gilman Thompson Rock Garden displays rare and exotic plants native to the alpine regions of Europe, the American Rockies, and the Himalayas in a carefully constructed landscape setting.
Back caption: Warthog / Africa
Young chimpanzee
Back caption: New York Zoological Park (Bronx Zoo) / Young chimpanzee / Most familiar of the anthropoid, or man-like, apes is the Chimpanzee of central Africa. Up to the age of about 7 years they are friendly and tractable animals.


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