Lehman College, Childhood in the Bronx

The 61 images in this digital collection were part of the “Childhood in the Bronx” exhibit originally featured in the Lehman College Art Gallery from October 23 – December 14, 1986.

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"Icarus" or Jumping from an Abandoned Building.
A child jumps from an abandoned building in Melrose onto a mattress below. He seems unaware of any possible danger or that he could miss his mark as he aims for a soft landing on the mattress.
A Child with a Disability Waits.
A child with a vision disability stands and waits at the New York Institute for the Education of the Blind.
A Kiss for the Baby.
A father kisses his toddler daughter at the Roberto Clemente State Park which shelters homeless families.
A Roman Soldier at the Good Friday Passion Play.
A boy takes on the role of a Roman solider in a Good Friday passion play at St. Simon Stock Church in the Fordham area.
Aboard the Steamship Pennsylvania.
Shipmates, friends and families from Germany are shown aboard the steamship Pennsylvania enroute to the United States.
At the Window.
A girl, seated by a window, glances out while holding her book.
Blowing Bubble Gum.
A school girl from the Salanter Akiba Riverdale Academy with pig tails, is shown blowing bubble gum.
Boy on Sculpture.
A boy sits atop one of Adolph A. Weinman's four sculptures at the Bronx County Courthouse.
Boy with His Bike.
A boy rests on his bicycle while waiting at the Bronx County Building near Macombs Dam . This young boy died in a social club fire the following week. He was only fourteen years of age.
Braiding Her Daughter's Hair.
A Muslim woman braids her daughter's hair on a warm day in Bronx Park.
Cambodian Boy.
A smiling Cambodian boy poses at I.S. 137.
Child Playing in a Schoolyard.
A child plays in a schoolyard in the Bedford Park area.
Children Playing.
Children at play seem unconcerned about the muddy puddle the girl is wading through, at the corner of Shakespeare Avenue and 170th Street. The girl drinks her soda on what is probably a hot summer day. The wall in the rear is marked has graffiti.
Children in a Playground.
Children doing back flips on playground equipment in the Longwood-Foxhurst area. Neighborhood apartment buildings and small houses are also shown.
Crossing the Bronx River.
A child crosses over the Bronx River at West Farms, using an overhead rope.
Fire Hydrant Shower on A Hot Day.
Children cool off on a hot day in Melrose with a fire hydrant shower. Other children, coming out of the adjacent playground, take in the scene. They notice that the child in a wheel chair is catching the water spray, too, judging from the wet sidewalk. Buildings are in the rear.
Five in a Canoe.
Five children enjoy a canoe ride in the backyard of a house at 2235 Creston Avenue near 182 Street. Meanwhile, a boy in the water looks on while his friend (Bronx Democratic leader Charles Buckley) watches from shore with his dog nearby.
Flower Girl at a Wedding.
A flower girl waits with the wedding party in the North New York neighborhood.
Funeral Procession for a Teenager.
This sad scene suggests a violent end, as a teenager's casket is carried by family and friends along St. Ann's Avenue in the North New York neighborhood. The deceased's girl friend, at the front of the procession, is comforted by an older woman.
Girl in a Good Friday Procession.
A girl stands in line for a procession on Good Friday at St. Simon Stock Church, Fordham.
Girl with Jump Rope.
Girl stands at a fence holding a jump rope at Roberto Clemente State Park.
High School Student Holding Cigarette.
A boy stands holding a lighted cigarette while also holding his Morris High School text book.
Irish Coleen.
An Irish girl in the Bedford Park neighborhood makes a statement with her bold tee shirt.
Irish Dancing School Student.
This freckle-faced, four year-old girl is in her second year as a student of the Shamrock Club Irish Dancing School in the Bedford Park neighborhood.
Listening to the Radio.
Listening to special radio programs was always a favorite activity.
Little Bo Peep.
A P.S. 8 student is seen dressed in a home made Little Bo Peep paper costume. Children who had costumes walked in the front of the annual school parade.
Little Girl and Stray Cats.
This little girl lives in a housing project where no pets are allowed. Here she enjoys the company of two street cats in the Morrisania area.
Lunchroom, Old P.S. 8.
School children eat their lunch sitting on a bench at Old P.S.8 in Bedford Park. They have lunch box thermoses and sandwiches. The school has since been demolished.
Making a Mask.
A boy shows off the mask he made in a crafts program at the Bronx River Restoration Art Center.
Maypole Day.
A group of children from P.S. 33 dance around the maypole in Van Cortlandt Park.
Me and My Wagon.
A boy sits in his wagon on Kingsbridge Road, near Poe Park. Small houses are shown in the rear.
Miss Mooney's Class.
Miss Mooney's fifth grade class at the Old P.S.8 at Mosholu Parkway and Bainbridge Avenue. Gas lights illuminated the classroom.
Mother Holds Her Newborn.
After a difficult birth, a teenaged mother holds her new baby daughter who is only eight hours old. They are at the Hospital of the Albert Einstein College of Medicine.
Mother Hugging Son.
A mother hugs her disabled son, who is mentally retarded, at the Kennedy Child Study Center, Kingsbridge.
Mother and Child at Window.
A toddler and mother at their window sill, looking out onto Valentine Avenue and 182nd Street.
Mother and Child at the Shelter.
A teenaged mother tends to her toddler at the Roberto Clemente State Park. She is surrounded by cots and a cribs used at this shelter for homeless families.
My Cousin.
Formal studio portrait of a cousin whose father was a salesman of Old Dutch Cleanser and whose family lived on Boston Road.
On His Way to the Operating Room.
A baby boy waits to be taken for surgery at the Hospital of the Albert Einstein College of Medicine.
On a Fire Escape.
A boy sits on the fire escape, outside of his South Bronx apartment, and looks out onto the street.
Pony Ride at the Zoo.
A girl rides a Welch Pony at the New York Zoological Park; while the boy holds pony reins.
Pool at P.S. 32.
A group of school children perfecting their swimming skills in the pool at P.S. 32 in Belmont.
Pre-school Student.
A pre-school boy at the Riverdale Temple Nursery School seems lost in thought. When told by the photographer that he looked like "an angel in a Renaissance painting" he remarked that he had been told that before.
Pregnant Teenager.
This pregnant teenager is at Rosalie Hall in the Williamsbridge area and is awaiting the birth of her baby.
Reading in the Library.
A boy enjoys his Sesame Street book at the Melrose Branch of the New York Public Library.
School Boys Performing in 'The Comedy of Errors.'
Two Riverdale Country School boys, in costume, act in 'The Comedy of Errors' on an outdoor stage.
Seventh Grade Class of a Future President.
John F. Kennedy sits ( front row center) with fellow students in First Form (seventh grade class) at the Riverdale Country School.
Sitting With Our Mother.
Children sitting on the front steps with their mother wear the clothing she made for them. The family had recently emigrated from Odessa, Russia.
Sledding Along the Grand Concourse.
This winter scene shows a brother and sister sleigh riding along the Grand Concourse, between 198th Street and 199th Streets. Also shown are snow piles and small houses in the rear.
Spring on the Grand Concourse.
A rural scene of two girls standing on the Grand Concourse near 205th Street.
Teenaged Couple on Their Wedding Day.
Following a church wedding and wearing attire rented by a photograph studio, the teenaged bride and groom happily follow their ring bearer and flower girl.


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