Lehman College, Childhood in the Bronx

The 61 images in this digital collection were part of the “Childhood in the Bronx” exhibit originally featured in the Lehman College Art Gallery from October 23 – December 14, 1986.

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Teenager Resting in Group Home
This boy lives at the Mission of the Immaculate Virgin Group Home in the Laconia neighborhood. A heart-shaped gift from his girl friend is displayed on the wall. He is nearing 18 years of age and must soon leave the home.
The Dare Devil on a Bike Ramp.
A boy takes a daring bicycle ride on a ramp, created out of found materials, at Courtlandt Avenue. His play area is a vacant lot behind an abandoned building.
The Mermaid.
A girl enjoys her swimming class at P.S. 32 in Belmont.
The Twins Dressed Up.
Baby twin sisters are dressed in what were probably their white lace christening dresses.
Twin Sisters with Bows.
Twin sisters show off their hair bows.
Two on a Unicycle.
A man holds a child on his shoulders as they ride his unicycle along Melrose Avenue and East 154th Street in front of apartment buildings.
Violin Lesson.
A student is shown during his violin lesson at Riverdale Music School. His teacher accompanieds him on the piano.
Waiting for the IRT.
A boy, alone in his thoughts, waits for the IRT train at the Yankee Stadium station on 161th Street.
We're in the Park.
Three friends sit on the grass in Bronx Park. The baby's carriage is behind them.
With Dad and the Rabbits.
A father and son are in their garden on Creston Avenue. Rabbits are also shown and it is uncertain whether they are toys or not.
Youngsters Playing Bongos.
Friends gather to enjoy bongo playing outside a santeria, selling religious articles, along Courtlandt Avenue and 153rd Street.


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