[Letter] 1933 Thanksgiving [to] Beloved "Edwin of the Song" - Page 1

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008 | ||||||||||||||||||||||
046 |k1933-11-30
245 10|a[Letter] 1933 Thanksgiving [to] Beloved "Edwin of the Song"
260 |g1933-11-30
520 |aLe Prade praises Markham for his work. She writes of various events in the Poet's Garden and looks forward to Markham's visit in January. She also writes of her hope that Markham move back to California and suggests a course on the poetry of Markham should be taught at a local college.
540 |aPlease contact the Horrmann Library at Wagner College for rights to use this digital image.
650 1 |aPoet's Garden
650 1 |aCalifornia.
650 1 |aChristian socialism.
700 1 |aLe Prade, Ruth|eAuthor
773 0 |tEdwin Markham Archive, Horrmann Library