Wagner College, Horrmann Library Edwin Markham Correspondence

The American poet Edwin Markham was born in Oregon in 1852 and later moved East, first to Brooklyn and later to Staten Island. This collection of 214 items represent a portion of Markham’s personal papers that were donated to Wagner College, including many manuscript letters from well-known literary and political figures of the early twentieth century such as Franklin D. Roosevelt, Ambrose Bierce, Jack London, Carl Sandburg and Amy Lowell.

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[Letter ca. 1902] August 11 [to] Mr. Markham
Abbott writes that Carpenter has inquired about obtaining a copy of Markham's poems. Abbott encloses payment and also suggests sending autographed copies.
[Letter ca. 1902] June 12 [to] Mr. Markham
Abbott requests a portrait of Markham for his room.
[Letter ca. 1907] May 20, New York [to] Mr. Markham
Abbott thanks Markham for a poem sent to him, praises the poem for being the finest picture of modern Mammonism, and calls it a masterpiece. Abbott also praises Markham for standing by Herron in his time of need.
[Letter ca. April 1]
Bliss sends notice calling for a meeting of the Christian Socialist Fellowship in order to create a New York Branch.
[Letter to] Comrade
Moseley writes a form letter asking for help increasing the readership of the Christian Socialist and the membership the Socialist Party.
[Letter, ca. 1907 February 26], [to] Mr. Markham, West New Brighton, Staten Island
Abbott expresses disappointment with Markham for missing a Socialist meeting in Monroe. Abbott describes the meeting and its events including an ensemble piece by Earle. Abbott mentions literature sent to Markham, including "Tennyson" and "Shelley" by Salt and Thomas Lake Harris clippings.
[Letter] 1894 April 29, Austin, Texas [to] Friend
Wheelock sends Markham copies of a few of his sermons; Wheelock also mentions various movements and social issues.
[Letter] 1894 May 24, Austin, Texas [to] Mr. Markham
Wheelock writes to Markham to inform him that he sent the publications requested and also thanks Markham for the notes and materials he sent.
[Letter] 1895 June 1 [to] Markham
Herron asks for Markham's assistance in defending his name against Dr. Brown.
[Letter] 1896 January 29, Boston [to] Sir & Brother
Bliss writes to Markham telling of his success with The Dawn and also of his mission work which needs constant support and requests any contribution Markham could provide.
[Letter] 1896 June 20, Boston [to] Sir
Bliss writes to Markham about various Socialist writings and their availability.
[Letter] 1898 April 21, Grinnell, Iowa [to] Comrade
Herron writes to Markham about the role of the individual's personality in terms of universal harmony and common good.
[Letter] 1899 April 27, Austin, Texas [to] Brother
Wheelock thanks Markham for the poems and writes about the injustice done to Blacks in Texas, and about the end of the world.
[Letter] 1899 December 26, Grinnell, Ia. [to] Comrade
Herron sends a copy of his work to Markham. Herron also requests Markham's presence at a conference.
[Letter] 1899 July 18 [to] Prof. Markham
Debs praises Markham for his work.
[Letter] 1899 July 6 [to] Woods[?]
Herron writes a letter of introduction for Markham to Woods[?].
[Letter] 1899 July 6, Grinnell, Iowa [to] Mrs. Deland
Herron writes a letter of introduction for Markham to Mrs. Deland.
[Letter] 1899 July 6, Niagara Falls [to] Comrade
Herron informs Markham he has sent letters of introduction on his behalf.
[Letter] 1899 May 13, Grinnell, Iowa [to] Markham
Herron writes to Markham expressing gratitude for his friendship.
[Letter] 1899 May 7 [to] Sir
Mailloux writes to Markham praising his poem "The Man With The Hoe" and telling of how her brother used it in his remarks before the Nineteenth Century Club.
[Letter] 1899 October 10 [to] Markham
Herron writes requesting Markham to come and lecture at Iowa College.
[Letter] 1899 October 24 [to] comrade
Herron writes to Markham discussing possible dates for his visit and lecture at Iowa College.
[Letter] 1899 September 19 [to] friend
Herron writes to Markham asking for his opinion on a piece of his writing.
[Letter] 1899 September 24 [to] beloved comrade
Herron writes to Markham informing him of his upcoming travel plans. Herron also supplies Markham with a list of recommended reading to help Markham speak and arouse the public.
[Letter] 1900 January 13, Brooklyn [to] Mr. Markham
Meserole writes to Markham about speaking at an upcoming meeting. Meserole also thanks Markham for a book of poems.
[Letter] 1900 March 30 [to] Mr. Markham
Block writes to Markham about writing a poem on Socialism for the New York Journal.
[Letter] 1900 March 5 [to] Mr. Markham
Meserole writes to Markham sending a pamphlet and an article about Judge Brenner sending a man to a penitentiary for food and shelter. See article from Brooklyn Daily Eagle: http://eagle.brooklynpubliclibrary.org/Default/Scripting/ArticleWin.asp?From=Archive&Source=Page&Skin=BEagle&BaseHref=BEG/1899/02/25&PageLabelPrint=&EntityId=Ar01401&ViewMode=GIF&GZ=T
[Letter] 1901 April 22 [to] Mr. Markham
Meserole writes to Markham providing him with a program for a meeting of the Get-Together Club.
[Letter] 1901 August 6, New York [to] Mr. Markham
Abbott writes about starting "The Comrade" and asks Markham for a poem for the first issue. Abbott also writes about his holiday spent in the Adirondacks, Chicago, Buffalo, and at the Indianapolis Socialist Convention.
[Letter] 1901 March 10 [to] Mr. Markham
Meserole writes to Markham requesting Markham and his wife join Meserole, Dr. Herron and Miss Raud for lunch.
[Letter] 1901 March 28 [to] Mrs. Markham
Herron thanks Mrs. Markham sending an editorial to him and for their recent visit.
[Letter] 1901 October 19 [to] Mr. Markham
Millard writes to Markham about having certain men review Markham's work and the political and social views of each.
[Letter] 1901 September 29, New York [to] Mr. Markham
Abbott states disappointment with LeGallienne's poem for the first issue of The Comrade. Used Markham's poem in its place; enclosed $10 payment. Abbott also expresses displeasure with the first issue due to various obstacles.
[Letter] 1902 February 25, New York [to] Mr. Markham
Bliss writes to Markham returning a poem and expresses disgust at a publication which he is connected to.
[Letter] 1902 January 24, N.Y. [to] Mr. Markham
Abbott praises Markham's latest book of poems and mentions Herron and his satisfaction with Markham's book as well. Abbott writes about spending less time working on "The Comrade" and that Spargo will be taking over as editor. Abbott will spend more time on the "Literary Digest". Abbott mentions Courtenay Lemon, an acquaintance, who will be visiting Markham.
[Letter] 1902 July 25 [to] Mr. Markham
Spargo writes to Markham about the Socialist publication "The Comrade".
[Letter] 1903 April 8, New York City [to] Mr. Markham
Spargo thanks Markham for the books he sent, provides Markham with payment, and requests notice of any balance due.
[Letter] 1903 August 8, New York [to] Mr. Markham
Abbott writes to Markham and mentions Nelson. He also mentions his trip to Oscawana where he was entertained by Joseph Adelman and his wife, who had previously entertained Markham.
[Letter] 1903 December 9 [to] Mrs. Markham
Debs writes to Mrs. Markham thanking her for clearing up the misunderstanding regarding Markham's unwillingness to write an introduction for Ehrmann.
[Letter] 1903 January 16, Westerleigh, Staten Island, N.Y. [to] Mr. Wenning
Markham writes to Wenning praising John Martin and urges Markham to get to know Martin as they have similar sympathies.
[Letter] 1903 March 3 [to] Mr. Markham
Spargo praises Markham's work and thanks him for the contribution.
[Letter] 1903 September 3, Staten Island, N.Y. [to] Mr. Debs
Markham writes to Debs stating his willingness to write an introduction for a book written by Ehrmann.
[Letter] 1903 September 30 [to] Mr. Markham
Debs writes to Markham expressing regret at Markham's unwillingness to write the introduction for Ehrmann's work as previously discussed. The matter of payment is also addressed.
[Letter] 1904 December 12, Princeton, N.J. [to] Sir
Sinclair writes to Markham of his intentions to start an Intercollegiate Socialist Society to stimulate interest in Socialism among college men. He requests Markham to participate and lists the other men he is hoping to enlist in this cause.
[Letter] 1904 September 15, New York [to] Mr. Markham
Abbott discusses a possible brief visit to Markham. Abbott also expresses his interest in Markham's articles in the Homiletic Review.
[Letter] 1905 January 7, Yonkers-on-Hudson, N.Y. [to] Mr. Markham
Spargo requests that Markham come speak at the "People's Forum" in Yonkers and read "The Man with the Hoe".
[Letter] 1905 March 21, New York [to] Mr. Markham
Abbott writes to Markham about Clara von Ende Liebmann and her creation of a School of Music in New York's East Side. Abbott describes the lessons, the cost and the pupils at the school. Abbott explains Liebmann's family history as well. Abbott tells Markham how a few prominent names have been helping Liebmann and requests a meeting between Liebmann and Markham.
[Letter] 1906 December 25, Yonkers, N.Y. [to] Edwin Markham
Spargo writes about Higgins' work and requests Markham to write something about Higgins for "The Craftsman".
[Letter] 1906 July 11 [to] Mr. Markham
Bynner writes to Markham about McClure, Phillips & Co. having a chance to publish some of Markham's work.
[Letter] 1906 July 5 [to] Edwin Markham
Lemon thanks Markham for reading his play and asks permission to use his quotes for publicity. Lemon also writes a great deal about freedom of expression in the United States as compared to other countries and other time periods in history.


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