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008 | ||||||||||||||||||||||
245 10|aClear the Track!
260 |aBoston|bBufford
500 |a366 Fulton Street, near Smith Street, Brooklyn, NY.
520 |aIllustration of a winter scene of people on sled sliding down snow covered hill. A dog runs alongside of the sled. Verso side: text,"Special sale of Shetland shawls. Ladies knit jackets, from 50 cents to $2.00. Beautiful children's hoods, all colors, from 50 cents to $2.00. Ulsters and sacques, all sizes at low prices. Choice selection of in Merino cloaks.."
540 |aWhile many images in the Brooklyn Collection are unrestricted, we do not own reproduction rights to all materials. Be aware of the several kinds of rights that might apply: copyright, licensing and trademarks. The end user assumes all responsibility for copyright questions.
650 1 |aSledding
650 1 |aStores, Retail
650 1 |aWinter scenes
650 1 |aWinter sports
650 1 |aDogs
650 1 |aClothing and dress
651 |aUnited States--New York (State)--New York--Brooklyn
655 7|atrade cards
655 7|abusiness cards
655 7|aadvertisements
710 2 |aBoston Store|eCreator
773 0 |tFulton Street Trade Card Collection
852 |aBrooklyn Public Library, Brooklyn Collection