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000 nkm 22 uu 4500
008 | ||||||||||||||||||||||
245 10|aBoth Puzzled
500 |a636 Fulton Street, near Fort Greene Place, Brooklyn, NY.
520 |aIllustration of interior of schoolroom. A boy student is talking with his male teacher. No other students are in the room. Verso side: text,"Buy the Hope Safety Oil, no smoke, no smell. Put up expressly for family use and especially adapted to student lamps..Orders by postal card promptly attended to. Lamps, chandeliers, brackets, chimneys, trimmings &c."
540 |aWhile many images in the Brooklyn Collection are unrestricted, we do not own reproduction rights to all materials. Be aware of the several kinds of rights that might apply: copyright, licensing and trademarks. The end user assumes all responsibility for copyright questions.
650 1 |aChildren
650 1 |aStores, Retail
650 1 |aSchools
650 1 |aInteriors
650 1 |aLamps
650 1 |aPetroleum
651 |aUnited States--New York (State)--New York--Brooklyn
655 7|atrade cards
655 7|abusiness cards
655 7|aadvertisements
655 7|airregular shape
710 2 |aHope Safety Oil|eCreator
773 0 |tFulton Street Trade Card Collection
852 |aBrooklyn Public Library, Brooklyn Collection