Brooklyn Public Library, Fulton Street Trade Cards

The Fulton Street Trade Card Collection consists of 245 late 19th and early 20th century illustrated trade cards, all emanating from businesses in Brooklyn's historic commercial thoroughfare. The cards combine humor, bright and elegant graphic design and typography to promote a wide variety of wares and services.

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"All-Rail Coal. Bacon Company, Wholesale and Retail Coal Dealers
Address of main office and yards. Telephone, 1000 Bushwick and Flatbush Yard, 534 Flatbush.
"Hunter's Invisible."
Illustration of roses and butterfly. Text,"Hunter's Invisible, trade mark pure quince, bandoline powder, 10 cts per packet. Makes half a pint of elegant bandoline. Beware of imitations."
"Hunter's Invisible."
Text,"The blemishes of nature hidden by the witchery of art!"Hunter's Invisible. The best beautifying cosmetic in existence! Prepared from R. M. Hunter's Original Formula."
"Lay on MACDUFF. A.C. Flatley, Fine Furniture, Carpets, Oil Cloths, Bedding,&c. Stoves Clocks
Illustration of an interior of a restaurant in which man in rough clothing is eating a turkey leg and telling a waiter who brings a tray of food,"Lay on Macduff. A sign in the background reads Macduffs Free Lunch Every Day.
"The Flag that Waved a 100 Years"
Illustration of woman's portrait surrounded by wreath of leaves and by American flags. In the background is a ship on water. 1776 is on the left side of the illustration and 1876 is on the right side of the illustration.
"Two Butt'n Kids," 79 Cents per Pair
Illustration of two young goats butting heads while adult goat watches in background. Verso side: text, "Porter & Thorburn, dry goods, mourning goods, hosiery, black silks, linens, laces, embroideries, gloves."
A Birthday Gift, Campbell Creighton
Illustration of single pink rose. Verso side: Text,"No Christmas table complete without Campbell Creighton's celebrated "number one" java coffee. Best coffee on the globe, 25cts per pound.."
A Good Bite. Buy Your Clothing of Smith Pressinger.
Illustration of man by river with fishing rod being attacked by dog. Dog is biting man's pants. A sign on the tree states no trespassing allowed and a policeman is in the background running towards the scene. A fish is on the fishing rod line. Verso side: text,"Look at our prices: men's pants 85c.$1.00, 1.25, 1.50 and 2.00. Men's suits,$7.00. Boy's suits $4.00. Boy's pants 75c.$1.00 and $1.25.."
A Happy New Year
A card with text "Happy New Year" surrounded by flowers. Verso side:"Fancy goods, toys, dolls, vases, toilet seats, gold and plated jewelry, Roger's Bros. triple-plated silver ware, bird cages, clocks, albums, leather satchels and bags from 99c up."
A Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from Henry Tamke
Shape of card and illustration of artist's palette with blobs of paint. On palette is illustration of child sitting on rock looking closely at a leaf through a magnifying glass Verso side: text,"Henry Tamke, Fine, Cheap Cash Groceries. Imported wines,&c. for family and medical use. Choice teas and coffees a specialty."
A Pair of Topers
Illustration of a goblet or water glass or wine glass. Verso side: text, Staple and fancy dry goods. Holiday presents in great variety."
A Prosperous New Year to You
Illustration of lily of the valley and violets Verso side: text,"For Perfection in fit, excellence in style, durability and moderate cost, Morrows Fine Shoes are pre-eminent. Ladies, buy them."
A. Jouffroy Co. Successors to Benton Co. Butter, Cheese, Eggs, Fancy Groceries, including best Teas, Coffees, Sugars, Canned Goods, Fruits,&c.
Flower wreath around scene of sailboat on water [lake] with house in background. Another boat in foreground.
A. Walton, Choice Fruits
Illustration of crocus flower and winter holly framing winter scene of houses and road covered with snow. Printer's title of card is Winter.
A.C. Flatley, Furniture, Carpets, Oil Cloths, Bedding,&c.
An illustration of a young man dressed in finery with flowers, hat off, letter in hand, and a dog. Verso side: stamped with "A.C. Flatley. Furniture. Carpets, Oil Cloths, Bedding &c. 484 Fulton St. Brooklyn."
A.D. Matthews Sons
Illustration of flowers surrounding card with name and address.
A.H. King, Carpets
Illustration of child dressed in hat and costume playing lute sitting on ledge of stairway with column and possibly a lake in background. Gold background.
A.J. Nutting Co.
Shape of card and illustration of artist's palette with blobs of paint. On palette is illustration of girl in ballerina costume taking a bow possibly on a stage. There are flowers on the ground next to her. Verso side: text,"We are Brooklyn's recognized leaders in mens, youths, and boys clothing and offer unusual advantages in our balcony custom dept.."
A.W. Sheppard, Photographic Artist.
Photograph of unidentified young man in black and white and cheeks tinted pink. Verso side: Text,"Ferrotypes, photographs, cartes de visite, and imperial vignettes."
Abraham and Straus, Art Stationery
Illustration of coats of arms with text,"Weddings, reception and visiting cards, monograms, menus &c. Crests coats of arms emblazoned engraved."
Adam Craig, Fancy Grocer and Wine Merchant
Illustration of nude child sitting on water lily pad and using branch and row paddle. Gold background. Verso side: text,"Adam Craig, fancy grocer and wine merchant, butter, cheese, tea, flour, etc."
Adam Hat Stores, Inc.
Illustration of small coat of arms in upper left corner. Text,"Cumberland 6-8110" and name and address of company and name of manager. Verso side: Annotation in ink of payment received for one hat and signature of Jack Blume.
Alphonzo Smith Offers His Large and Extensive Assortment of Piano-Fortes and Organs of All the Leading Makers
Illustration of piano on pink paper with text,.the celebrated "Wheelock" piano-fortes and world renowned "Estey" organs. Extremely low for cash or from $5 to $10 monthly until fully paid. Verso side: text,.The grandest collection of music ever issued in book form. No duplicates of the folio of music no. 1.."
"Furniture. Carpets. Illustration of farm. Man is working in cornfield in foreground, woman hanging clothes on line next to house, cows and chickens on path, mountains in background. Verso side:"Homes furnished throughout in plain or grand style, with everything neat in the housekeeping line, to furnish each room in your home so complete."Discount to Comrades of C.A.R. and Brothers R.A."
Andruss Welcome, Grocers
A group flowers with name on card.
Autumn. Compliments of M. Schulz and Bro. Dealers in Furniture, Carpets, etc.
Illustration of man in horse-drawn wagon riding through fall landscape. Leaves on trees have changed colors and the sky is possibly a sunset. A sailboat is on a lake in the background. Verso side: text,"M. Schulz Bro. The most reliable house in the trade to buy furniture, carpets,&c. All the latest styles of parlor and chamber suits constantly on hand.."
B. Brush New Ferrotype Gallery.
Photograph of unidentified man.(grayscale with touch of color on cheeks) Ferrotype within gold frame. Verso side: Text,"B. Brush New Ferrotype Gallery. 115 Fulton Avenue, between Bridge and Duffield Streets, over Thompson's Piano Warehouse. Satisfaction guaranteed."
B. Huppler, Manufacturer of Fine Confectionery, Ice Cream and Soda Water.
Illustration of fall flowers surrounding scene of trees and figure walking on path in autumn light. Printer's title for card is Autumn 105.
B. Vehrlen, Ladies' Hair Dressing and All Kinds of Human Hair Goods
Illustration of a woman's hand holding a lily and other flowers. Verso side: text,"Ladies' own combings made up by the new method, roots all one way. Faded hair switches altered to any color."
B.F. Troxell, Photographer
Photograph of well dressed young girl.(sepia) Verso side: name and address of photographer.
Barnard Allen, Bakers Confectioners
Illustration of crocus flower and winter holly framing winter scene of houses and road covered with snow. Printer's title of card is Winter.
Barrell Tresham, Electrical Contractors
Text,"Wiring for electrical lighting. Electric gas lighting. Dynamos and motors. Burglar alarms. Annunciators. Gas and electric fixtures. Telephone lines constructed and equipped with instruments. Out-of-town work attended to promptly."
Bosworth Coyte, Choice of Confections
Illustration within frame of a robin sitting on perch of bird house on tree branch. Text,"Bon-bons and caramels a specialty."
Both Puzzled
Illustration of interior of schoolroom. A boy student is talking with his male teacher. No other students are in the room. Verso side: text,"Buy the Hope Safety Oil, no smoke, no smell. Put up expressly for family use and especially adapted to student lamps..Orders by postal card promptly attended to. Lamps, chandeliers, brackets, chimneys, trimmings &c."
Brooklyn Advertising Agency, Authorized Agency for all Leading Newspapers
Text, Authorized agency for all leading newspapers, German advertising a specialty, translation free of charge. Verso side: annotations in ink,"Latham Death Notice. 2 times World $2.50, 2 times [Herald?$3.60, 2 times Sun $2.00, 2 times Eagle $2.00. Stamped with received payment notice.
Brooklyn Crockery Co.
Illustration of female child in dress and flower shaped hood and holding a leaf She looks as if she were inside a lily. Text,"The cheapest crockery store in the city. Don't fail to examine our stock."
Brooklyn Daily Times
Text,"Brooklyn Daily Times, 457 Fulton Street. B. Levy."
Brooklyn Heights Roller Skating Rink
Illustration of two dogs that have possibly chewed on a hat with feathers.
Buy the Celebrated "Butterfly Chop"
Illustration of a rose and a flower wreath around text,"Buy the Celebrated "Butterfly Chop, The Best Tea! The Cheapest! The Only Genuine! Sold at the Columbia Tea Coffee Store."
Buy the Celebrated "Butterfly Chop"
Text,"The Columbia Tea Coffee Store, Campbell and Creighton, coffee roasters, importers and [jobbers] of teas, wholesale and retail grocers."
Buy the Universal Wringer
Illustration of a female at easel painting with male with umbrella looking over her shoulder and holding umbrella possibly at the beach. Verso side: Illustration of the Universal Wringer. Text,"Rolls of solid white rubber. Rowell's double cog-wheels..William Wallis, house furnishing goods, stoves, ranges, furnaces,&c. crockery glass ware, tin roofing, galvanized iron cornices.."
C. Riesterer, Fine Boots and Shoes
Illustration of flower arrangement in elegant shoe.
C. Wm. Stentzel Son, Diamonds, Watches, Jewelry and Silverware, Watchmakers and Manufacturing Jewelers
Text,"Telephone connection. Fine watch repairing and re-mounting of diamonds a specialty."
C.A. Warner Co. The Burr Folding Bed
Illustration of rose and card with text,"C.A. Warner Co. The Burr Folding Bed, Warerooms, 33 W. 14th St. bet. 5th and 6th Aves. Branch Store, 534 Fulton St. Brooklyn."
C.A. Warner Co. The Burr Folding Bed
Illustration of two roses and card with text,"C.A. Warner Co. The Burr Folding Bed, Warerooms, 33 W. 14th St. bet. 5th and 6th Aves. Branch Store, 534 Fulton St. Brooklyn."
C.H. Davidson, Baker and Confectioner
Illustration of a bunch of flowers including violets and lily of the valley, surrounding a card with name and address of baker. Text,"Cakes iced and ornamented to order for the holidays."
C.H. Davidson, Baker and Confectioner
Illustration of a bunch of wild strawberries and flowers surrounding a card with name and address of baker. Text,"Cakes iced and ornamented to order for the holidays."
Call and Examine Archer's Champion Refrigerators
Illustration of flower and butterfly in front of sign with name and address of company. Verso side: text,"Something worth knowing. The past year we have ground and repaired the following: scissors, pairs..carvers..knives..skates, pairs..pen knives..chopping knives..razors..saws..scrappers..mower blades..chisels..axes and hatchets.."
Carroll's Book Store, Old Rare Curious Books
Item is possibly a clipping of an ad. Text,"Carroll's Book Store, Old Rare Curious Books, Fulton Pearl Sts, Brooklyn, N.Y.
Chas. A. H. Neidhardt, Jeweler
Illustration of three children on rocks at lake. A boy in the foreground is holding a fishing rod and has caught a fish. Trees and rocks in background.


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