Brooklyn Public Library, Fulton Street Trade Cards

The Fulton Street Trade Card Collection consists of 245 late 19th and early 20th century illustrated trade cards, all emanating from businesses in Brooklyn's historic commercial thoroughfare. The cards combine humor, bright and elegant graphic design and typography to promote a wide variety of wares and services.

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S. Bierach, Fine Stationer, Dealer in Sheet Music, Music Books, Musical Instruments,&c.
Illustration of two children: boy and girl. The boy is blowing bubbles. Text,"S. Bierach, Fine Stationer, Dealer in Sheet Music, Music Books, Musical Instruments,&c. B and B Bazar..Pianos tuned and repaired."
S. Downing, Dry Goods
Illustration of woman in hooded dress or shirt. Gold background. Verso side: text,"S. Downing, dry goods, fancy goods, hosiery, notions, trimmings ribbon."
S. Leopold Toys Baby Carriages.
Illustration of baby carriage in upper right side on top of illustration of flowers surrounding a card with address of S. Leopold.
S. Leopold Toys Baby Carriages.
Illustration of baby carriage in upper right side on top of illustration of flowers surrounding a card with address of S. Leopold.
S.A. Byers, Fine Boots Shoes, Elegant Slippers for the Holidays.
Illustration of winter scene. Within a circle is a close-up of Santa Claus and a fireplace with stockings. In the background is a snow covered roof, a bare tree and the silhouette of a house. Holly frames close-up of Santa Claus.
Samuel A. Byers, Dealer in Fine Boots and Shoes
Illustration of a rose, lily of the valley and a butterfly.
Illustration of bouquet of flowers. Verso side: text,"Every Saturday we put up a special 50c. Box called "Saturday" containing selected samples of finest cream bon-bons, guaranteed fresh and absolutely unadulterated.
Scott Porter, Successors to Richter Trowbridge, Stationers, Printers and Manufacturers
Text,"Scott Porter, Successors to Richter Trowbridge, Stationers, Printers and Manufacturers."
See Wheeler Wilson's New Automatic No. 8 Machine
Illustration of child who has fallen off of a wooden board that may have been balanced on a wooden barrel. A cat is fleeing the scene. A hat has fallen off of the child and a water canister is nearby. A house is in the background. Verso side: text,"Do not fail to see the recently improved automatic new no. 8 machine. Buy a standard article from a reliable company. Buy from a company that has been established for years."
Smith Pressinger's "Phantoms"
Illustration in black (negative image) of a man with tiny star under his star. Text, "Look intently at the little star in the will see the likeness of General Grant." Verso side, text, "A genuine surprise to all who have not before patronized Smith Pressinger, the Long Island Clothiers, is the low prices at which the sell choice styles of men's and boy's clothing."
Smith, Photographer
Text,"Old Pictures Copied and Enlarged to any size. Daguerreotypes cleaned and restored."
Solution of Citrate of Magnesia
Illustration of Solution of Citrate of Magnesia logo in clouds with sunbeams. Text,"The contents of this bottle is a full purgative dose."
Staten Island, Fancy Dyeing Establishment, Office, 5 7 John Street, New York.
Illustration of deer and fauna surrounding card with name and address of office and branch offices. Gold background. Verso side: List of branch offices in New York, Brooklyn, Philadelphia, and Baltimore. Text,"Dye, clean, and refinish all kinds of ladies' dresses, shawls, velvets, cloaks,&c.."
Swan's. Hosiery, Underwear, Laces, and Notions, the Latest Styles in Children's Dresses and Caps.
Illustration of a poppy and other flowers surrounding a card with name and addresses.
Take Lunch with Us in Our New Cafe Lunch Room
An illustration of a small African-American woman or child in hat carrying infant. Verso side: an illustration showing interior of restaurant.
Taylor Co. Ferrotypes
Text within a frame,"All sizes of ferrotypes taken and finished in 10 minutes."
Taylor Co. Ferrotypes.
Photograph of unidentified child.(grayscale with touch of color on cheeks) Verso side: text within frame,"Pictures taken in all kinds of weather and finished in 10 minutes."
Teacher's Coupon Good for 60 Cents in the Purchase of Martha Washington Candies
Illustration of portrait [Martha Washington? and list of address of locations selling Martha Washington Candies including Namm's on Fulton Street. Verso side: text,"To further introduce our candies to the residents of New York City, we make the very liberal offer of selling one two pound box of our highest grade and justly celebrated chocolates.."
Teale Morro, Wholesale and Retail Dealers in Every Description of Goodyear's Rubber Goods
Illustration of snow covered landscape with sheep in foreground and houses and windmill in background. Verso side: text,"Teale Morro, Wholesale and Retail Dealers in Every Description of Goodyear's Rubber Goods.."
The Alden Fruit Vinegar, Absolutely Pure, Uniform in Strength, Always Keeps Pickles
Fan shape card. Illustration of little girl in hat sitting on fence with flower in her hand. Verso side:Text, he Alden Fruit Vinegar, Absolutely Pure, Uniform in Strength, Always Keeps Pickles.
The Babies Cry when You Fail to Buy of the Brooklyn Furniture Co.
Illustration of baby in hat crying. Text,"The Babies Cry when You Fail to Buy of the Brooklyn Furniture Co. Verso side: illustration of a baby smiling. Text,"Buy at the Brooklyn Furniture Co. and make the Children Happy."
The Broadway Tailor, Latest Novelties for Fall and Winter
Illustration of man playing lute or other stringed instrument. He appears to be walking on a vase or container. Vase with flower and illustration of woman in dress in background. There is also a border with a clover design.
The Burr Folding Bed
Shape and illustration of artist's palette. Image of paint and woman's [or girl's] portrait on palette.
The Cheapest Shoe Store in the City for Price and Quality!
Illustration of child with whip in hand riding in shoe which is on top of a platform on wheels being led by dogs.
The Dime Savings Bank of Brooklyn, Incorporated 1859 [bank balance book]
Cover of book show illustration of building. Verso side: Inside cover of book lists officers and trustees.
The Fulton Cloak and Suit Manufacturing Co.
Text,f/&quoThe Fulton Cloak and Suit Manufacturing Co. Ladies', Misses' and Children's Cloaks and Suits. Full assortment of waists and corsets..Cloaks made to order a specialty."
The Grand Central Hat and Straw Goods Emporium
Illustration of roses. Text,"Children's goods a specialty."
The Halt. John Wood, Furniture Warehouse.
Illustration of woman on horse come to a stop near a woman standing with horse while horse drinks water from a trough. Women are in formal attire including hats. Shrubs and rocks to the right and figures in background.
The Paris Hats are Here
Illustration of portrait of three woman talking together intently. Women are carrying fruit basket, flowers, holly and possibly grocery basket. Women are dressed differently. Two are wearing hats and one is wearing jacket with a fur trimmed hood.
The Seven Wonders of the World. The Hanging Gardens of Babylon. C. Riesterer, Fancy Boots and Shoes
Illustration of exotic scene with sphinx at stairs leading up to building structure which is terraced with gardens. Palms and other trees in foreground. Verso side: text,"Established 1859. Having refitted up my store, I am prepared to serve my customers..P. Cox, Boy's Youths, Hanan Reddich Men's, J. T.Consin's Ladies Misses. Special attention given to custom work.."
The World Contributes and Walton Distributes, All the Luxuries of the Season.
Illustration of a dog with front legs over a basket looking at a white bird [dove? who is standing on branches and looking back at dog. A branch of flowers is coming out of basket.
Thorburn, Late, Porter Thorburn, Dry Goods
Illustration of side profile of child wearing hat and vest.
Tra-La-La-La, John. W. Heaney's New Hat Store.
Illustration of a boot kicking the rear of a man leaving through a door.
Turnbull the Enterprising Hatter, Best Under the Sun
Text,"Turnbull the Enterprising Hatter, Best Under the Sun.Corner of York and Fulton Sts. in the basement."
Turnbull's hats are the best
Illustration of caricature of an African American man with his head coming through a sheet of paper. Body and hands are not in proportion with head.
Turnbull's hats are the best!
Illustration of two dogs tugging on a hat in the middle of the street. A cat is on the sidewalk watching Text,"Wanted! A New Hat."
Turnbull's hats are the best. Dentist. Don't move something's got to come out this time.
Illustration of a dentist pulling a tooth out of a patient's mouth. Two men are in strange position.
Uriah Pearce, Late of the Little Barefoot Shoe Store, Dealer in Boots and Shoes
Text,"Uriah Pearce, Late of the Little Barefoot Shoe Store, Dealer in Boots and Shoes."
Use the White Mountain Ice Cream Freezer
Illustration of portrait of young woman. Verso side: illustration of hand crank ice cream maker. Text,"The patent triple motion White Mountain Freezer. The leading ice-cream freezer price-list (White Mountain Hand Freezer, with Crank)."
W.R. Wasson, Photographer
Photograph of unidentified elderly woman.(color in tones of sepia) Verso side: text,"Small pictures enlarged to any size, and colored in water or oil. Duplicates of this picture can be had at any time."
W.W. Swayne, Bookseller and Stationer.
Illustration of flowers surrounding card with text. Black background. Verso side: calendar of 1882. Text,"All new books received as soon as issued and sold from 20 to 25 per cent less than publisher's prices. Fine assortment of stationery, blank books, etc. at greatly reduced prices."
Warr's Fancy Goods Store
Boy carrying girl on his back over stream and stepping on rocks. Verso side: text,"A large assortment of holiday goods, dolls, toys, fancy goods, silver ware, and jewelry, also fine line of albums, from 50 cents upward. Autograph and scrap books from 5 cents to $5,&c.&c.
What's the Matter with that ere' Dog? Buy Your Clothing of Smith Pressinger.
Illustration of a man sitting watching a dog run off into the background. Behind the man sits a large bear holding a rifle. The bears asks the man,"What's the Matter with that ere' Dog? Verso side: text,"Look at our prices: men's pants 85c.$1.00, 1.25, 1.50 and 2.00. Men's suits,$7.00. Boy's suits $4.00. Boy's pants 75c.$1.00 and $1.25.."
With Compliments of the Hill Hat Emporium
Illustration of Asian man with fan balancing on trapeze or flag pole and bamboo in background and abstract design.
Wm. H. Payne, Bird Cage Bazaar
Illustration of a bird sitting on a violet or pansy flower. A butterfly flies by. Text,"Bird seed and food of all kinds, gold and other fishes."
Wm. S. Carlisle, Wholesale and Retail Tea Dealer General Grocer
Illustration of a woman hanging an ornament on a Christmas tree. A child in the background watches. Toys are spread on a table under the tree. Verso side: text Text,"Genuine teas only, genuine coffees only, standard sugars, strickly pure spices. Foreign and domestic dried fruits, in their season, pickles, sauces,&c.&c."
You are respectfully invited to attend our fall exhibition.
Illustration of an interior of very fine sitting room. A dog sits by an elaborate fire place. An easel with portrait, fine chairs, rugs and curtains as well as vases are shown. Verso side: A very small illustration of a pinned card with scene of birds is in the upper left corner. Below is text,"You are respectfully invited to attend our fall exhibition on Monday Oct. 9th, Tuesday October 10th Wednesday Oct. 11th."
Zacharie's Perfumery Store
Illustration of Lily of the Valley flowers. Verso side: text,"We manufacture all of the following articles, and recommend them to our customers: Italian hair tonic."A full assortment of toilet articles and preparations."
[Envelope containing prescription] Walter A. Aspinall, Prescription Pharmacist
Text on envelope containing sample of unidentified prescription,"One at night in glass hot milk. Dr. Brooks. Verso side: annotations.


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