Grolier Club, Maria Gerard Messenger Women's Bookplate Collection

The Maria Gerard Messenger Women’s Bookplate Collection is a group of 2095 women's bookplates and book labels assembled by Maria Gerard Messenger (1849-1937) of Great Neck, Long Island. The collection represents women book owners from the sixteenth century to the 1930s, and includes women from North America, England, France, Germany, the Low Countries, and Spain, among other locations. It includes both well-known collectors and those with little or no documentation in the historical record. The collection was donated by Messenger to the Great Neck Public Library in April 1933, which donated it in turn to the National Museum of Women in the Arts in May 1986. The NMWA kindly donated it to the Grolier Club in March 2016.

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[MCL] Bookplate
Monogram bookplate, inscribed :"[MCL \ Ex Libris]". Printed in green ink.
[Olivia Blake] Bookplate
Monogram bookplate for Olivia Blake, inscribed "O[D?]B". The owner's initials are centered inside of a seashell. The design is within an octagon with a gemoetric border.
[Principessa] di Motta Bagnara Bookplate
Heraldic bookplate, most likely for the Princess Di Motta Bagnara.
[Priscilla?] Keller Bookplate
Heraldic bookplate, inscribed: "Turris fortis mihi deus \ K". On pink paper. Mounted alongside similar plate.
[Th.?] Gräfin zu Leiningen-Westerburg Bookplate
Pictorial bookplate, inscribed: "Eigentum \ [Th.?] Gräfin zu Leinengen-Westerburng \ 1903." Depicts two girls holding a large basket of flowers, with mountains and a lake visible in the distance. The artist's initials are visible above the owner's name.
[Valfrud?] Bookplate
Pictorial bookplate, inscribed: "[Valfrud?]". Depicts a young girl standing beneath a ribbon and wreath, wearing a bonnet and boots. She is carrying a large book under one arm. Printed in green ink.
a Brunegk Begesser Bookplate
Pictorial bookplate, inscribed: "Ex-libris \ Begesser a brunegk". Depicts a female soldier holding a helmet, shield, and standard. A body of water and a town sits in the background. The engraver and artist names are visible at the bottom.
Édouard de Barthélemy Bookplate
Heraldic bookplate, inscribed: "Édouard de Barthélemy".


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