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The Lesbian Herstory Archives is home to the largest collections of materials about lesbians in the world. Our photo collection, which we are now starting to digitize, holds tens of thousands of images, and reflects the growth of the Archives since 1974. Many of the 634 items showcased here came to us from women who simply wanted their images saved, their lives remembered. The collection holds snapshots, professional photography, found images and everything in between.

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Dinah Utah and Nancy Johnson
Blue Lunden
Blue in lesbian Avengers t-shirt
Blue Lunden
Blue with grandson Drew
Blue Lunden
with Shirley Willer, former president of DOB
Blue Lunden
ltr: Doris King aka Big Daddy, Stacey Lawrence aka Stormy, Doris Lunden aka Dubois. (pregnant)
Blue Lunden
Blue with Sky Vanderlinden and grandson Drew
Blue's Bar
banner and thank you sign, The bar was raided in 1982
Bonita and Ira's grandfather
Ira's mom and grandfather sitting together
Bonnie and Betty
On a terrace
Bonnie and Clyde
streetshot of Bonnie and Clyde's
Born Free and Gay
Sign in parade
Brutality is NOT erotic
Demo against porn
Buddy Kent
small group around table
Buddy Kent
group of four
Buddy Kent
Buddy Kent
Buddy Kent
group of three around table
Buddy Kent
flyer, in tuxedo and dance outfit
Buddy Kent
group of performers, club 82
Buddy Kent
groupshot, seated around table
Buffalo women
Madeline, Michelle and friend
Buffalo women
Blue star tattoos
participants and audience. Seen here are Peggy Shaw, Lois Weaver
Lenn Keller and Amy Hill
CBS sells bigotry
LFL demo against soap opera bigotry
Camille and Regina
Archives visitors
Candace Faulk
Carolyn & Regina
scene at Scott's, Del LaGrace Volcano, previously known as Della Grace and Della Disgrace
Carter Burdon
Press conference outside City hall
Chain Reaction: On the Way There
dykes in leather on the street, Del LaGrace Volcano, previously known as Della Grace and Della Disgrace
Charlotte Bunch
Charlotte Bunch
Standing in front of class
raising arms high up in the air


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