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The Lesbian Herstory Archives is home to the largest collections of materials about lesbians in the world. Our photo collection, which we are now starting to digitize, holds tens of thousands of images, and reflects the growth of the Archives since 1974. Many of the 664 items showcased here came to us from women who simply wanted their images saved, their lives remembered. The collection holds snapshots, professional photography, found images and everything in between.

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Della Grace as a baby dyke
Del LaGrace Volcano, previously known as Della Grace and Della Disgrace
Lesbians holding up signs, Seksuaalinen tasavertaisuus, ""Sexual Equality""
Dignity contingent at Christopher Street march
Dinner at Kate Millet's
dinner with Kate Millet, Fabian, Sophie and others.
Djuna books
faade of Djuna books
Doris 'Blue' Lunden
Blue at an anti nuclear demo, Anti-nuclear lesbian feminist in sypport of Nuclear Free World demonstration marching to the UN.
Dorothy performing in front of orchestra
Dorothy Allison
At the ""Speakout on Politically Incorrect Sex"" sponsored by the Lesbian Sex Mafia (LSM) the day after the 1982 Barnard Conference on Sexuality in NYC. This was part of the ""Feminist Sex Wars"".
Entrance to Duchess
Faade of Duchess bar
Entrance to Duchess
Woman with cigarette standing near streetlight in a foggy night.
standing under sign
Dyke thanksgiving
group shot of lesbian gathering
Dykes and Tykes Float
People on float
Eleanor Batchelder
at a pride march
Eleanor Batchelder
at Womanbooks
Elimination of all racist and patriarchal terms
Protestors with giant creature in front of AMNH
Emily Medvic
Emily teaching group of women, economist, lecturing at Sagaris (feminist school in mid 70s)
Emily Medvic, ""Kitch""
Kitch pointing at Medvic
Emma from Amazon Autumn, Amazon Autumn was a yearly New Jersey Conference
Emma and Arcus
Emma Van Cott and Arcus Flynn
End Sexual Exploitation of Women and Children
St. Marks Health Collective banner
End the oppression pass Intro 554
Slogan on shirt. 3 men at City Hall.
Express your Gay Pride
Lesbian mothers at GAA being interviewed for NBC documentary on lesbian lifestyle, lesbian mothers
Fabi Romero
at Womanbooks
Feminist Writers Guild
Steering committee meeting, outdoors group shot
Fight for Gay Rights
banner at a demonstration
First Annual New York City Dyke March
Dyke with sign :Lesbians Avenged Tampa
First Annual New York City Dyke March
Dykes pulling an 8x10 platform bed.
First Annual New York City Dyke March
Dykes pulling an 8x10 platform bed through the streets of Manhattan
Found Image
Back of postcard with "strapping boy" image, see image found_010a.jp2 also


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