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245 10|aFrogs and salamanders
260 |bNew York Zoological Society
300 |a1 postcard: colored photograph ; 9 x 14 cm
500 |aca. 1906
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520 |aFront caption: How to care for Frogs and Salamanders. These animals may be kept in aquaria or other vessels provided with sufficient water to cover them. Provision must be made for space upon which they can rest when out of water. Pieces of damp moss are excellent for salamanders. Frogs will rest on projecting stones or blocks of half submerged wood. Large salamanders require running water. Small varieties may be kept in still water changed daily in winter and oftener in summer, and maintained at a temperature of 68 to 75 degrees Fahr. Frog tadpoles may be kept in balanced aquaria, two to each gallon of water. Specimens fed live food can catch their prey better in shallow water. The common newt accepts food at all seasons of the year. Most salamanders and frogs are cannibals and only those of approximately the same size should be placed together. Frogs in the tadpole stage eat aquatic plants, also chopped fish, liver and meat. Adult frogs eat every moving object they can swallow- earthworms, grasshoppers, crickets, spiders, etc.-and in captivity will also take mealworms dropped in the water and strips of raw beef dangled before them on a stick. Very young salamanders thrive on the white worm. (Enchytraeus) and larger ones eat mealworms, earthworms, insects and small mollusks--snails, slugs, etc. When taught to eat from a feeding stick they will take chopped fresh beef, fish and shellfish.
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