Brooklyn College, Student Handbills

The Brooklyn College Student Handbill Collection is comprised of materials that document what took place on the campus of Brooklyn College over the years. The handbills demonstrate the students involvement in everything-the anti-war rallies,fascism, threats to the United States, inhibitions, defending professors, aid to the Chinese, academic freedom, and much more.

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1,500,000 Coffins 4,500,000 Identificatiions Tags Ordered by US Army
Handbill urges students to defeat the passage of HR 1776 in Congress
50-50 Chance for Defect of Lend-Lease Bill News
Handbill announcing the possible defect of the lend lease bill in Congress
A Challenge!
ASU handbill asking students to fight for teacher's rights and free higher education
A Fair Deal!
ASU handbill about the right of workers to strike
A Foreign Policy for Peace
Handbill advocating an end to aid to Britain and calling for alliances with China and the USSR.
A Peace Program
Peace Club handbill against convoys and an AEF
A Peoples Peace
Handbill announcing that Eugene Connolly will speak on convoys and FDR
A Program We Must Hear!
Handbill of the Young Communist League
A Real Peace Program Not Wishful Thinking
Handbill listing the Student Council's stance on war, peace, labor, and academic freedom
A Student's Program
Handbill announcing the platform of the Student Party at Brooklyn College
A Touchdown for Peace! Keep America Out of War!
Handbill from the Brooklyn College Chapter of the American Student Union against US involvement in WWII
A.S.U. Indicted
Handbill put out by the Student Council defending its actions against the American Student Union
Against Italian Aggression
Handbill criticizing Italy and its invasion of Ethiopia
Aid For China Rally
Flyer announcing a rally about China and the war
Aid the Chinese People
Handbill announcing a rally for support of China
All Our May Day!
Handbill announcing a May Day rally
All Out May 1
ASU flyer urging students to march for peace and academic freedom on May 1st
An End to the Inquisition
Handbill urges BC students to attend an open meeting and to join the picket line in Manhattan
An Old Tradition in a New Spirit
Handbill about the April 23rd Peace Strike
Another Pledge Broken
Handbill urges students to read the Advocate and to support the defect of HR 1776 in Congress
Are You Inhibited?
Handbill advertising the student clubs on campus
Attention Brooklyn College Playwriters
Handbill announcing a playwriting contest
B.A. or A.E.F.!
Handbill announcing efforts to organize against the Roosevelt-Gideonse alliance
B.C. Joins the Nation
Handbill announcing a march on Washington against the war by students.
B.C. ROTC Club
Handbill claims the disciples of untruth exposed by Major H. Holton of the CCNY ROTC
B.C. Walks Out on War
Handbill announcing an anti-war rally with guest speakers
Before All Else---Defend The Teachers!!
Student Party Handbill urging support for the 21 teachers who may be dismissed due to Rapp-Coudert
Before All Else---Defend the Teachers!!
Student Party Handbill urging support for the 21 teachers who may be dismissed due to Rapp-Coudert
Bill of Rights on Trial in Oklahoma Case
Handbill protesting the arrest of two Brooklyn College students in Oklahoma
Bio-Med Dance
Handbill advertising the bio-med dance
Black-Listing Democracy
Handbill protesting the Student Council's refusal to recognize the American Student Union
Brooklyn College Chapter of the NY College Teachers Union
Handbill announcing a teacher's union meeting
Brooklyn College Conference for Peace Tonight
Handbill advertising a Peace Conference
Brooklyn College Evening Goes to Harvard
Handbill announcing that representatives from Brooklyn's Evening Session will go to a conference at Harvard
Brooklyn College Students Say No Convoy! No AEF!
Handbill announcing a peace rally
Brooklyn College Students Say No Convoys! No AEF!
Handbill announcing an ASU rally for peace
Brooklyn Goes to War
Handbill urges all B.C. students to organize to prevent college from becoming a military camp
Browder's Message to Youth
Handbill with excerpts from Earl Browder's speech on October 4, 1940
But One Issue
Handbill outlining the platform of the Student Party
But One Issue
Handbill outlining the platform of the Student Party
Can We Save Peace and Free Education?
Student Council handbill to save Brooklyn College and keep America out of the war
Can We Stop It?
Jewish youth society handbill asking students to join in the fight to stop anti-semitism
Changing Colors
Handbill asking students to vote for the Kingsman-Fusion Party
Climax Of A College Career
Handbill announcing the Senior Prom
Comparison Please..
Handbill comparing the Student Rights Party to the Progressive Students Party
Convoys Mean War
Handbill against convoys
Convoys--A.E.F. 1941
ASU handbill against convoys and a new AEF
Dan Gillmor Speaks
Flyer announcing that Dan Gillmor will speak at the Student Walk Out on War
Dear M.T.A. Worker
Survey for NYA workers
Defend Brooklyn College
Handbill urging students to rise up against Rapp-Coudert and protest City budget cuts


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