A Tug Tow [handwritten front caption in white ink] (2back) [e0675ac2]

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000 nam 22 uu 4500
008 | ||||||||||||||||||||||
245 10|aA Tug Tow [handwritten front caption in white ink] (2back) [e0675ac2]
300 |a3.5 in. x 5.5 in.
500 |a[unknown]
500 |a1909?
500 |aDigitized by Graduate School of Library and Information Studies, Queens College (CUNY)
520 |aPostal data: posted, postmarked [flag postmark] (BROCKPORT, N.Y., DEC 8, 8 - AM, 1909), stamp; Postcard type: divided back (CORRESPONDENCE; NAME AND ADDRESS); Logo (POST CARD) in stylized lettering; Written message: (What is the matter? Awful busy just now Minstrel show on 10 + 11 Dec. How is everything - I'm not dead yet. The raging Eric.); Addressee: (Miss Beatrice P. Schumacher, c/o Hudson River State Hospital, Poughkeepsie, N. Y.).
540 |aContact Thomas T. Surprenant, thomas.surprenant@qc.cuny.edu
655 7|aPostcards|2lctgm
773 0 |tWaterways Post Card Collection of Thomas T. Surprenant: Erie Canal