Yeshiva University, Student Struggle for Soviet Jewry Poster Collection

This collection consists of 177 hand drawn and printed posters from the Student Struggle for Soviet Jewry Records (SSSJ) held by Yeshiva University Archives. SSSJ was a national, grass-roots student organization founded in 1964 to oppose the persecution of Soviet Jews and promote their right to emigrate freely from the Soviet Union.

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"Days of Rage" is an outrage
Hand lettered poster (in color) protesting PBS's broadcast of film "Days of Rage" about the Palestinian uprising.
"Days of Rage" is financed by Arab $
Hand lettered poster (in color) protesting PBS's broadcast of film "Days of Rage" about the Palestinian uprising.
"The continued migration of Jews to Israel constitutes a grave danger to the Arab nation…"
Poster with quotes and text comparing Arab leaders' attempts to prevent Jewish emigration to Israel in 1944 and in 1990, with a graphic of a Star of David in barbed wire design.
"The web of Zionist intrigue"
Poster with reproduction of anti-Zionist propaganda from the antisemitic Soviet book "The Poison of Zionism".
1984…Big Brother is watching them. Our brothers are waiting for us.
Poster with title text and graphic of eyes with hammer & sickle for pupils.
A dream fulfilled - for some
Part of a poster series with tagline "Free them now" containing photos and part of an open 1969 letter from Jews in the Soviet Republic of Georgia.
Anti-semitism in the Soviet Union is growing...
Poster with drawing depicting current climate of antisemitism and incitement against Jews in the Soviet Union in protest of participation of Britain at a Human Rights Conference in Moscow.
Antisemitism: Deliberate counter-revolution. Antisemitism-our class foe! (translation from Russian)
Poster seeming to depict Soviet sentiment toward Jews following the Russian Revolution
Be part of the Washington Lobby - Feb. 23, 1984
Poster publicizing a mission to Washington, DC to meet with members of Congress regarding Soviet Jewry, with graphic of protesting at the U.S. Capitol building.
Boris Kochubievsky, Jew
Poster with text of refusenik Boris Kochubievsky's letter to representatives of Soviet government expressing his desire to emigrate to Israel, with his portrait in background.
Boris Penson: art of a Soviet prisoner
Poster reproduction of a painting titled "Family" by imprisoned refusenik artist Boris Penson.
Brezhnev: will Anatoly Sharansky be inscribed in the Book of Life for 5740?
Poster with title text and photo of refusenik and prisoner Anatoly Sharansky overlaid with graphic of prison bars.
Brothers and sisters: to the prisoners sentenced to labor camps for their desire to go to Israel
Poster with open letter of support to imprisoned refuseniks with their names listed, and a reproduction of painting "Searchlights in Prison Camp II" by imprisoned refusenik artist Boris Penson.
Call to conscience
Hand lettered poster.
Channel 13-PBS - the PLO loves you!
Hand lettered poster (in color) with graphic of a heart, protesting PBS's broadcast of film "Days of Rage" about the Palestinian uprising.
Concerned Americans raise their voices
Part of a poster series with tagline "Free them now" promoting action regarding the plight of Soviet Jews at upcoming Congressional hearings on Human Rights. Contains photos of demonstrations on behalf of Soviet Jewry.
Direct flights now
Poster with title text.
Dismantle the White House East Wing!
Hand lettered poster with Star of David.
Don't sell out Israel!
Hand lettered poster (in color).
Détente with honor - save Soviet Jews!
Poster with title text and Star of David.
Even his ring
Hand lettered poster (in color).
Ex-Prisoner of the Soviet secret police - Anatoly Sharansky
Originally part of a poster series featuring photos of imprisoned Soviet Jews overlaid with graphic of prison bars, and message "Let my people go!" Updated following Sharansky's release.
Fanya Fradkin isn't laughing. Neither are Russia's other 2,999,999 Jews.
Poster with title text and photo of Fanya Fradkin, daughter of refusenik Daniel Fradkin.
Fly them to freedom - direct flights to Israel!
Poster with title text and graphic of an airplane.
France - après moi, a pogrom?
Hand lettered poster.
Freedom (translation from Russian) for Shcharansky
Hand lettered poster (in color) with Star of David
Freedom Sunday: Summit mobilization for Soviet Jews
Poster with illustration depicting mass rally for Soviet Jewry on the National Mall (to be held on the eve of the Gorbachev-Reagan summit in Washington, DC.)
From "Peretz", Soviet "humor" magazine
Poster with reproduction of antisemitic cartoon produced in the Soviet Union.
From Moscow to Jerusalem now!
Poster with text and graphic of arrows pointing back and forth between Moscow and Jerusalem.
Glasnost - you are looking at some of the faces trapped behind the Iron Curtain
Poster with photos of refuseniks remaining in the Soviet Union despite the era of Glasnost (openness) begun under Soviet Prime Minister Mikhail Gorbachev.
Gorbachev: stop the anti-Semites
Poster with title text, hand lettered.
Gulag-MVD: Geographical distribution of concentration camps and special psychiatric hospitals
Poster with text, photos, and map of Gulag labor camps and psychiatric hospitals.
Hell no PLO!
Hand lettered poster.
Hosting human rights conference - denying human rights to Soviet Jewry
Poster depicting Soviet hypocrisy by hosting a human rights conference while denying basic freedoms to Soviet Jews, and calling on Britain not to attend. Includes a photo depicting a two-faced Gorbachev.
Hussein-PLO game! Not Israel's blame!
Hand lettered poster (in color).
In America, you have to kill someone to get 12 years in prison. In Russia, you may just have to teach Hebrew.
Poster describing plight of various Soviet Jews imprisoned for teaching Hebrew and other Jewish educational activities and encouraging advocacy for Soviet Jewry, with photo of Hebrew teacher.
In the Soviet Union, Hebrew teachers are the ones who are taught a lesson
Poster with text, image of Hebrew teaching materials, and a torn photo of Hebrew teachers who have been imprisoned for the "crime" of teaching Hebrew.
Is Sharansky still alive?
Hand lettered poster.
Israel must defend its holiest site
Hand lettered poster.
It's Tisha B'Av every day in the Gulag!
Hand lettered poster declaring every day for imprisoned Soviet Jews is equivalent to the Jewish day commemorating national calamities.
It's a tough place to live. It's a tougher place to leave.
Poster with title text and graphic depicting the Kremlin complex against a red sky, with additional message "Free them now."


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