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"Junak," A Boy with Traces of Starvation
A Group of Children Playing After Arriving from Soviet Russia
A Group of Polish Exiles Rest on the Soviet-Iranian Border
A Polish Family Rescued by the Anders Army in the USSR in Iran
American Clothing Distributed Among the Polish Population in Iran
Ander's Army Exercises in Iran
Anders' Army's First Meal in Iran
Children in Military Uniforms Lying on the Floor
Children in a Carriage During a Trip to Iran
English, Russian, and Polish officer in Iran
Examination of the Newborn in a Polish Hospital in Iran
General Anders at a Military Hospital in Iran
Group of Children in an Orphanage after Arriving in Iran
Polish Boys after Arriving from Soviet Russia
Polish Children After Arriving from Exile to the Anders' Army
Polish Children Sit at a Table Under a Tree in Iran
Polish Children in the USSR (Three Children After Arriving from Exile to the Anders' Army)
Polish Sailors Rescued from the USSR in Iran
Two Children After Arriving from the Soviet Union
Two Polish Women Rescued by the Anders' Army