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A Bit of the Champlain Canal near Mechanicville, N.Y [front caption] (1front) [c0018ac1]
Collar Factories at Night, Troy, N.Y. [front caption] (1front) [h0120ac1]
NEWBURGH ON THE HUDSON RIVER. [front caption] (1front) [h0118ac1]
STEAMER "CHATEAUGAY". LAKE CHAMPLAIN.  [Hand lettered front caption] (1front) [h0117ac1 ]
Seneca Canal and Cayuga Canal, Seneca Falls, N.Y. [front caption] (1front) [s0026ac1]
The Lock, 1837, Lockport, New York [Front caption] (1front) [e0317ac1]
The Locks, Eric Canal and N.Y.C.R.R. Bridge, Lockport, N.Y. [front caption] (1front) [e0366ac1]
The Locks, Lockport, N.Y. [front caption] (1front) [e0316ac1]