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BARGE CANAL LOCKS WHITEHALL, N.Y. [handwritten front caption]  (1front) [c0024ac1]
BRIDGE OVER HUDSON RIVER. AT POUGHKEEPSIE. [front caption] (1front) [h0096ac1]
Barge and Old Champlain Canal, Whitehall, N.Y. [front caption] (1front) [c0002ac1]
Big Bridge, (Widest Bridge in the World), Lockport, New York  [front caption] (1front) [e0318ac1]
Canal flowing through industrial area, presumably Rochester (1front) [e0532ac1]
D. and H. Ry. Crossing, Champlain Canal, near Mechanicville, New York [front caption] (1front) [c0001ac1]
Dipper Dredge at Work on Barge Canal, Fort Ann, N.Y. [front caption] (1front) [b0060ac1]
Dock Street Schnectady N.Y. (1 front) [e0518ac1]
ERIE CANAL, MOHAWK. New York [front caption] (1front) [e0709ac1]
Entrance to New Barge Canal, Tonawanda, New York [front caption] (1front) [b0003ac1]
Erie Canal and New York C. Bridge, Lockport, N.Y. [front caption] (1front) [e0197ac1]
Erie Canal in Syracuse, N.Y. [front caption] (1front) [e0162ac1]
Erie Canal, Ilion, New York [front caption] (1front) [e0445ac1]
Fort Ann - N.Y. [handwritten front caption] (1front) [c0059ac1]
HUDSON RIVER BRIDGE, MECHANICVILLE, N.Y. [front caption] (1front) [c0075ac1]
Harbor from Railroad Bridge. [front caption] (1front) [e0509ac1]
Hudson Valley Bridge, crossing Fish Creek, Schuylerville, N.Y.  [front caption] (1front) [c0006ac1]
LOOKING EAST FROM N.Y.C.R.R. BRIDGE, LOCKPORT, N.Y.  [front caption] (1front) [e0183ac1]
Lock 27 "Barge Canal," Lyons, N.Y[.] [front caption] (1front) [b0104ac1]
Looking down on the Locks from Pine Street Bridge, Lockport, N.Y. [front caption] (1front) [e0372ac1]
N.Y.C. R. R. Bridge, Lockport, New York [front caption] (1front) [e0315ac1]
N.Y.C.R.R. BRIDGE OVER CANAL, LOCKPORT, N.Y. (1front) [e0355ac1]
N.Y.C.R.R. Bridge and Erie Canal: Newark, N.Y. [front caption] (1front) [e0081ac1]
N.Y.C.R.R. Bridge, Lockport, N.Y. [front caption] (1front) [b0088ac1]
N.Y.C.R.R. Bridge, Lockport, NY [front caption] (1front) [e0182ac1]
New York C. R. R. Bridge and Erie Canal, Pittsford, N.Y. [front caption printed in red ink] (1front) [e0712ac1]
R. S. & E. R. R. Bridge across Canal and River Lyons, New York [front caption] (1front) [e0536ac1]
Steam Dredge, Whitehall, N.Y. [front caption] (1front) [c0017ac1]
Syracuse N.Y., Erie Canal West St., Looking East [front caption] (1front) [e0150ar1]
TROLLEY BRIDGE OVER CANAL AND RIVER AT LYONS, N.Y. [front caption] (1 front) [e0668ac1]
The Canal from Liberty Street, Schenectady, N.Y. [front caption] (1front) [e0262ac1]
The German Flatts, Canajoharie, N.Y. [front caption] (1front) [e0135ac1]
The Locks & N.Y.C.R.R. Bridge, Lockport, N.Y. [hand printed front caption] (1 front) (e0444ac1)
The Locks Looking East Lockport, N.Y. [front caption] (1front) [e0196ac1]
The Locks and N.Y.C.R.R. Bridge-Lockport, N.Y. [front caption] (1front) [e0188ac1]
The Locks, Eric Canal and N.Y.C.R.R. Bridge, Lockport, N.Y. [front caption] (1front) [e0366ac1]
The Locks, Erie Canal, and N.Y.C.R.R. Bridge, Lockport, N.Y.  [front caption] (1front) [e0461ac1]
The Old and The New. Where the Rochester and Eastern Rapid Railway... [portion of front caption] (1front) [e0027ac1)
View from Henley's Point, Phoenix, New York [front caption] (1front) [w0014ac1]
View from N.Y.C.R.R. Bridge, Lockport, N.Y. [front caption] (1front) [e0484ac1]
View near Herkimer, N.Y. [front caption] (1front) [e0070ac1]
View of Erie Canal from N.Y.C. Bridge, Lockport, N.Y.[front caption] (1front) [e0189ac1]
Weigh Lock Champlain Canal, Waterford, N.Y. [front caption] (1front) [c0035ac1]