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Cromwell Shirt Shops
Daniele & Yazzo Service Station Gas Pumps
Honor Roll of WWII at White Plains High School during school demolition
Information postcard for Conservation exhibit dedication
Interracial Committee of 1949 with President Eleanor O'Byrne, R.S.C.J.
Interracial Justice Commission Program for 1949-1950
John Sloan to Mr. Goodrich, Evening of the same day
Lunchroom, Old P.S. 8.
Man at corner of S. Lexington and Fisher Avenue
Man in Hat in front of car at Daniele and Yazzo Service Station with Loew's Behind
Man in coveralls seated at gas pump
Martine Avenue behind Loew's State Theater
NFCCS Council 1949
NFCCS training course
National Federation of Catholic College Students Delegates, 1949
Parade along Main Street
Parking sign and men next to Daniele & Yazzo Service Station
Portrait of John Rosch in a Study
Rockwell Kent to Charles, December 4, 1949
Rockwell Kent to Mr. Simon, July 1, 1949
Social action at Manhattanville, 1949
Split photo of Woman at Gas Station
Split photo of boys leaning on each other and woman leaning on car at Daniele and Yazzo Service Station
The Daniel Gray Fishing Club
Tires stacked against Daniele & Yazzo Service Station
Two Women seated on bumper of car on Hamilton Avenue
Young Man seated at gas pump