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BARGE CANAL & PITTSFORD MILLS, PITTSFORD, N.Y. [front caption] (1front) [b0018ac1]
Bill Bailey to Marjorie "Margy" Polon
De-icing of decks on SS Tobruk
Entrance to Harbor, Buffalo, N.Y. [front caption] (1front) [e0529ac1]
Entrance to Harbor, Buffalo, New York [front caption] (1front) [e0549ac1.jpg]
Harbor OF Buffalo, N.Y. [front caption] (1front) [e0551ac1]
Harbor Scene, Buffalo, N.Y. [front caption] (1front) [e0566ac1]
Jack Knife Bridge. Buffalo, New York [front caption] (1front) [e0057ac1]
NEW YORK & BROOKLYN BRIDGE [portion of front caption] (1front) [h0179ac1]
The Mouth of Buffalo Harbor. Buffalo Morning Express -- Niagra Frontier Series. [front caption]  (1front) [e00605ac1]
The Waterfront, Buffalo, N.Y.  [front caption] (1front) [e0520ac1]
Tonawanda Iron and Steel Company's Mammoth Plant…[portion of front caption] (2back) [e0547ac2]