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Response card for Judge Edgar M. Doughty
MacCrate for Supreme Court justice
Rogers for attorney general pamphlet
Gannon and Lewis for justices of the Supreme Court
Bayes for Supreme Court
Pamphlet for lawyers in support of Charles D. Newton for attorney general
Gannon for Supreme Court justice
Pamphlet advocating Charles Lockwood for comptroller
Re-elect Harry E. Lewis pamphlet
Re-elect Judge Frank S. Gannon, Jr. for Supreme Court justice
Vote for James Crooke McLeer
Letter from Leander B. Faber asking women to vote
New York Sun endorses Colonel James Crooke McLeer
Lockwood letter supporting Edward H. Maddox
Re-elect Reuben L. Haskell card
Handbill for Judge Edgar M. Doughty
Kings county district attorney Harry E. Lewis for Supreme Court justice
Loomis letter supporting John E. Ruston
Letter asking voters to choose William R. Bayes
LaGuardia civil service committee leaflet
Flynn letter endorsing Frank S. Gannon, Jr.
Calder Lee endorses Senator William M. Calder to women voters
Abyssinian Republican Club handbill appealing to black voters
Faber for Supreme Court justice