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Boris Kochubievsky, Jew
Boris Penson: art of a Soviet prisoner
Brezhnev: will Anatoly Sharansky be inscribed in the Book of Life for 5740?
Even his ring
Ex-Prisoner of the Soviet secret police - Anatoly Sharansky
Fanya Fradkin isn't laughing. Neither are Russia's other 2,999,999 Jews.
Gorbachev - why is music "subversive"?
Gorbachev: stop the anti-Semites
In America, you have to kill someone to get 12 years in prison. In Russia, you may just have to teach Hebrew.
Let my people live! No pogroms!
Pamyat - Stop Soviet anti-Semitism
Send Rosh Hashana cards to Soviet Jews!
Send a Rosh Hashana card to Soviet Jews $1.00
Shevardnadze: The "phantoms" are for real!
Some unrefreshing facts about Pepsi
Soviet Jews aren't taking vacations this summer
Speak out for silent Soviet Jewry
Stop Kremlin-PLO terror!
[Brezhnev] [Andropov] [Chernenko] - Heavenly punishment for tyrants?