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A Winter Morning on the Harbor [front caption]  (1front) [h0169ac1]
BLACK RIVER CANAL AND LOCK, BOONVILLE, N.Y. [front caption] (1front) [k0002ac1]
Big Nose, Erie Canal and W.S.R.R. --In the Mohawk Valley, Sprakers, N.Y. [front caption] (1front) [e0574ac1]
Fort Ann - N.Y. [handwritten front caption] (1front) [c0059ac1]
In the Mohawk Valley. [front caption] (1front) [e0555ac1]
Little Falls, N.Y. [front caption] (1front) [e0539ac1]
Mohawk River - Little Falls, N.Y.  [handwritten front caption] (1front) [e0672ac1]
N.Y.C.R.R. Bridge and Erie Canal: Newark, N.Y. [front caption] (1front) [e0081ac1]
R. S. & E. R. R. Bridge across Canal and River Lyons, New York [front caption] (1front) [e0536ac1]
TROLLEY BRIDGE OVER CANAL AND RIVER AT LYONS, N.Y. [front caption] (1 front) [e0668ac1]