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Amsterdam News, "Manhattanville College of Sacred Heart Epitome of Liberal Interracial Educational Institution"
Catholic Digest, "Principles Conquers Prejudices," 1949
Interracial Review, "Manhattanville Marches On!"
Interracial Review, August 1938, "Manhattanville Marches On!"
Invitation, Class Day 1938
Letter of Protest, "The Indignant Present"
Letter of Protest, Anonymous Alumni Mailing May 1938
Letter of Protest, May 19, 1938
Letter of Protest, May 19, 1938 "An Old Graduate"
Letter of Protest, May 9, 1938
Letter of Support,  May 29, 2010
Letter of Support, May 15, 1939
Letter of Support, May 16, 1939
Letter of Support, Undated
Letter, President Dammann to Trustee Mr. Woodlock, February 25, 1938
Letter, President Grace Dammann, R.S.C.J. to Reverend Mother Bodkin, R.S.C.J., February 19, 1938
Letter, Reverend John LaFarge, S.J. to President Grace Cowardin Dammann, R.S.C.J., February 17, 1938
Letter, Reverend Mother Bodkin, R.S.C.J. to President Damann, R.S.C.J., May 13, 1938
Principles Versus Prejudices, Typescript Draft
Principles Versus Prejudices, published Tower Postscript
Saint Madeleine Sophie Retreat Group, June 1943
St. Louis Catholic "Christianity Triumphs Over Snobbishness at Sacred Heart College"
Telegram of Protest, May 10, 1938
Telegram of Support, May 17, 1938
The Catholic Tribune, "College of Sacred Heart Manhattanville, New York City, to Admit First Negro"