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A Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from Henry Tamke
A.H. King, Carpets
Adam Craig, Fancy Grocer and Wine Merchant
B.F. Troxell, Photographer
Both Puzzled
Chas. M. Jacobson, Hats Umbrellas, Canes,&c.
Chas. M. Jacobson, Manufacturer of Hats, Caps  Straw Goods
Cowperthwait Furniture and Carpets 1807-1881
Cowperthwait Furniture and Carpets, Established 1807
Cowperthwait Furniture and Carpets, Established 1807
Crandall, The Child's Benefactor
Crandall, the Child's Benefactor
Culliford's Dye House
D. Wulf, Confectionery
Elder Smith's Morning Prayer  Critical Moment
Fall  Winter
Furniture. Only house in Brooklyn lighted with electric light.
Industrial Insurance, Branch Office
J.V. Dubernell, Tailor.
John P. Ames, Dealer in American Crystaline
John Peper, Successor to Henry Hinrichs, Confectionery  Ice Cream
King's Carpets  Furniture
King's Carpets  Furniture
Largest and Best Assorted Stock of Sheet Music
M.E. Keogh, Suits and Cloaks, Ladies' Underwear,&c.
Oh! Le Bon Lo Lo! Rosenberg Clothing and Shoes for Men, Boys and Children.
Oliver Johnston, Grocer
Popular Crackers, Children Cry for Them. Compliments of Hetfield and Ducker.
S. Bierach, Fine Stationer, Dealer in Sheet Music, Music Books, Musical Instruments,&c.
See Wheeler  Wilson's New Automatic No. 8 Machine
Take Lunch with Us in  Our New Cafe Lunch Room
Taylor  Co. Ferrotypes.
The Babies Cry when You Fail to Buy of the Brooklyn Furniture Co.
The Cheapest Shoe Store in the City for Price and Quality!
Thorburn, Late, Porter  Thorburn, Dry Goods
Warr's Fancy Goods Store