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Bosworth  Coyte, Choice of Confections
Compliments of the New York Bookbinding Co.
Crossman Bergen, Fine Boots and Shoes
Crossman Bergen, Fine Shoes
Earls Bros. Retail Dealers in Fine Shoes
Early Attention is Asked to Orders for Photo-Portraits for the Holidays, G. Frank E. Pearsall
Edwin C. Burt, Fine Shoes
Edwin C. Burt, Fine Shoes.
Fine Shoes at Conklin's
Hardenbergh  Co. Carpetings
Hardenbergh  Co. Carpetings, Oil Cloths, Lignums,&c.
John Bene, Importer and Manufacturer of Human Hair Goods.
M. Hirsch, Tobacco Warehouse
Nip and Tuck!
The World Contributes and Walton Distributes, All the Luxuries of the Season.
Wm. H. Payne, Bird  Cage Bazaar