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"The Flag that Waved a 100 Years"
B. Vehrlen, Ladies' Hair Dressing and All Kinds of Human Hair Goods
Buy the Universal Wringer
Compliments of James Duckworth  Son's Inimitable Confections
Cosmopolitan Emporium of Fashions Mme. Demorest Maison De Patrons, Haute Nouveaute. Paris. London. New York.
Dr. Bloom's Tooth Powder
Dr. Charles Flesh Food Co. Toilet Specialties
E.J. Seaman, Anatomical Boot  Shoe Maker
Edwin C. Burt, Fine Shoes.
Fine Shoes
Fine Shoes at Conklin's
G.W. E. Bennett, Shirt makers and Men's Furnishers
Hannay's Ferrotypes. 6 for 25 Cents.
I am soulfully intense.
J. McCormick  Co. Boots and Shoes, Colors of China.
J. McCormick  Co. Boots and Shoes, Colors of Japan.
John Peper, Manufacturer of and Retail Dealer in Confectionery and Ice Cream
Le Page's Liquid Glue, For Sale by S.O. Burnett Hardware.
Made at 73 Fulton Avenue..9 taken at one sitting and finished in a few minutes.
S. Downing, Dry Goods
Teacher's Coupon Good for 60 Cents in the Purchase of Martha Washington Candies
The Halt. John Wood, Furniture Warehouse.
Use the White Mountain Ice Cream Freezer
W.R. Wasson, Photographer