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"Lay on MACDUFF. A.C. Flatley, Fine Furniture, Carpets, Oil Cloths, Bedding,&c. Stoves  Clocks
A Good Bite. Buy Your Clothing of Smith  Pressinger.
A.W. Sheppard, Photographic Artist.
B. Brush New Ferrotype Gallery.
Buy the Universal Wringer
Earls Bros. Retail Dealers in Fine Shoes
Fine Shoes
From the Columbia Tea  Coffee Store
Fulton Butter Mart, Fines Butter, Richest Cheese, and Freshest Eggs
G.W. E. Bennett, Shirt makers and Men's Furnishers
Hayden  Stanwood, Jewelers
Lange's Plugs an Improved Substitute for Tobacco
Le Page's Liquid Glue, For Sale by S.O. Burnett Hardware.
Smith Pressinger's "Phantoms"
Tra-La-La-La, John. W. Heaney's New Hat Store.
Turnbull's hats are the best
Turnbull's hats are the best. Dentist. Don't move something's got to come out this time.
What's the Matter with that ere' Dog? Buy Your Clothing of Smith  Pressinger.
With Compliments of the Hill Hat Emporium