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"A woman without a man is like a fish without a bicycle"
"Lesbian Menace Strikes Again"
"Mother Nature is a Lesbian"
"NOW supports Sexual Privacy Civil Rights"
Ain't Stopping us Now
Anita Bryant need judge only herself
Arrest after Intro 475
At the Museum of Natural History
At the Museum of Natural History
Betty Santoro
Black and White Women Together
Brutality is NOT erotic
CBS sells bigotry
Carol Bellamy (l) and Karen Burstien  plotting strategy at National womens Conference.
Carter Burdon
Consciousness Graising group
Couples night
Doris 'Blue' Lunden
End the oppression pass Intro 554
Express your Gay Pride
Fight for Gay Rights
Get the gocvernment out of our bedrooms
Gloria Donadello
In Memory of the Voices We have Lost
Ivy Bottini
Jean O'Leary
Karla Jay
LESBIAN=woman indentified woman=dyke=lavender menace=human being=woman loving woman=ME
Lesbian Lifestyle
Lesbians getting arrested
Man with child and banner
Mayor Koch signing Intro 2
New York Physicians for Human Rights
State Liquor Authority: Stop harassing lesbians!
Stop Harassment of Lesbian Bars
Stop the Briggs Initiative Defend Lesbian and Gay Teachers
The Blacker the Berry the Sweeter the Dyke, Black Lesbian Caucus
The Young and Restless
We Are Family. Parents of Gays.
We are Everywhere
Welcome to GAA's Firehouse
Woman with child
Women's Park
Womyn against Nukes
charred remains of fire