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A Birthday Gift, Campbell  Creighton
A Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from Henry Tamke
A. Jouffroy  Co. Successors to Benton  Co. Butter, Cheese, Eggs, Fancy Groceries, including best Teas, Coffees, Sugars, Canned Goods, Fruits,&c.
A. Walton, Choice Fruits
Adam Craig, Fancy Grocer and Wine Merchant
Andruss  Welcome, Grocers
Clapp Brothers, Grocers, and Dealers in Fine Wine for Medical Use
From the Columbia Tea  Coffee Store
Fulton Butter Mart, Fines Butter, Richest Cheese, and Freshest Eggs
H. Fenn, Dealer in Butter, Cheese, Eggs Etc.
Happy Home
I am soulfully intense.
J. Stern, Meat, Poultry and Vegetable Market
Jas. W. Hamblet, Teas, Coffees, Etc.
Johnston Brothers, Brooklyn's Popular Grocers, Sole Agents for Commins  Allens "Akron, Ohio" Pastry and Family Flour
No more "Salt Junk, for the Navies of the World Now Use Libby McNeill  Libby's Cooked Corned Beef
Oliver Johnston, Grocer
R. Lippman, General Grocer
Redhead's Baking Powder, "Little Redhead" Acknowledges No Superior in the World."
The Alden Fruit Vinegar, Absolutely Pure, Uniform in Strength, Always Keeps Pickles
The World Contributes and Walton Distributes, All the Luxuries of the Season.