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Hands Off Our Children
Children in the colonnade student group
Flower Arranging At The Garden
Boy Scouts Visit The Garden
Children in the colonnade contact sheet
North Side Savings Bank 'Quiz Kid'
The Crisis of the Revolution
Society For The Prevention Of Cruelty To Children
Pass the gay Rights Bill
The Crisis of the Revolution
Saturday Classes At The Garden
North Side Team At Bank
Children Visit The Garden
Forest Neighborhood House
Children's Court
Dollar Savings Bank Doll Dressing Contest
Christmas Party For Children Patients
Children in the colonnade another student group
Paul Sigel to Miriam 'Mim' Sigel
Raggamuffin Parade Along Alexander Ave.
Crowds on Freedom Train
Freedom Train at White Plains Railroad Station, Depot Plaza
Crowds boarding the Freedom Train
Lafayette Hall
Rear of Italian bakery on Madison Avenue
Group of children with balloons
People watching boats pass under a town bridge (1front) [e0676ac1]
Suction Dredge Barge Canal, Frankfort, N.Y. [front caption] (1front) [b0116ac1]
ARRIVAL OF PILGRIMS BY CANAL BOAT, AURIESVILLE, New York [front caption] (1front) [e0716ac1]
The Moon at Dock (1 front) [e5034ac1]
D. & H. CANAL STORE, Port Ben, N.Y. [back caption] (1front) [d0079ac1]
ERIE CANAL DURHAMVILLE, N.Y.  [handwritten front caption] (1front) [e0425ac1]
A Glimpse of the Shore near Cayuga Canal Lock, Cayuga, N.Y. (1front) [y0001ac1]
Glasgow St. Lift Bridge, Clyde, N.Y. [white stylized handwritten front caption] (1front) [e0671ac1]
Sprakers Lock, Erie Canal, East of Cohen's Store [front caption] (1front) [e0562ac1]
A Group of Children Standing on Hospital Stairs
Children in the Cafeteria During a Meal
The Arrival of a Group of Children from Soviet Russia
Digging Trenches
"Przemienienia Pańskiego" Hospital in Warsaw
General Bohusz-Szyszko with Soviet Officers
Outdoor School Lessons
Group of Children Being Taken Care of by Soldiers
Polish Airmen at a Children's Party