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Last Trip on the Fulton St."El"
Made at 73 Fulton Avenue..9 taken at one sitting and finished in a few minutes.
The Dime Savings Bank of Brooklyn, Incorporated 1859 [bank balance book]
B. Brush New Ferrotype Gallery.
Hannay's Ferrotypes. 6 for 25 Cents.
Compliments of the New York Bookbinding Co.
The Alden Fruit Vinegar, Absolutely Pure, Uniform in Strength, Always Keeps Pickles
Dana Portraits
Fine Shoes
Misfit Parlors
A.W. Sheppard, Photographic Artist.
Alphonzo Smith Offers His Large and Extensive Assortment of Piano-Fortes and Organs of All the Leading Makers
Taylor  Co. Ferrotypes.