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Albert Abraham Michelson medallion
Band at John Philip Sousa bust unveiling
Booker T. Washington bust
Constitution Day
David G. Farragut medallion obverse
David G. Farragut medallion reverse
David Glasgow Farragut bust
Edwin Booth medallion
Eli Whitney bust
Eli Whitney medallion
Frances Willard bust
Frances Willard medallion
George Washington Carver bust
George Washington Carver bust with guests
George Washington Carver ceremony
Harriet Beecher Stowe bust
Jane Addams bust
John Philip Sousa bust unveiling
Lillian Wald bust
Lillian Wald medallion
Paul Swan modelling Robert Underwood Johnson
Robert E. Lee bust
Sketch of Ulysses S. Grant medallion alternate reverse
Sketch of Ulysses S. Grant medallion reverse
Thomas Jonathan "Stonewall" Jackson bust
Thomas Jonathan "Stonewall" Jackson medallion
Thomas Jonathan "Stonewall" Jackson unveiling ceremony
Ulysses S. Grant bust
United Daughters of the Confederacy historian at Jackson ceremony
Virginia Military Institute representatives at Stonewall Jackson ceremony
William Tecumseh Sherman bust
William Tecumseh Sherman medallion