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"Days of Rage" is an outrage
"Days of Rage" is financed by Arab $
"The continued migration of Jews to Israel constitutes a grave danger to the Arab nation…"
"The web of Zionist intrigue"
Channel 13-PBS - the PLO loves you!
Direct flights now
Don't sell out Israel!
Fly them to freedom - direct flights to Israel!
From "Peretz", Soviet "humor" magazine
From Moscow to Jerusalem now!
Hussein-PLO game! Not Israel's blame!
Israel must defend its holiest site
Jerusalem, heart of Israel!
Jews and Jerusalem are one
Map of Israel (Russian language)
Mikhail Shirman 1954-1987
One of the anti-Semitic cartoons from the recent Soviet book "Poison of Zionism"
Prisoner of Zion in the USSR (translation from Hebrew) - Roald Zelichonok
Prisoner of Zion in the USSR (translation from Hebrew) - Yuly Edelshtein
Rocks kill
Shame on the criminals (translation from Russian)
Some unrefreshing facts about Pepsi
Stop Arab plot against Israel!
Stop! (translation from Russian)
The Jewish spirit remains alive
UN and Bush: take a moral stand
UN resolution no solution!
UN-just, UN-fair
UN: end your hypocrisy!
Undivided Jerusalem: capital of Israel!
Welcome Anatoly Sharansky
Welcome Yuli Edelshtein (translation from Hebrew)
You must answer for your evildoings! (translation from Russian)
Zionism is the Fascism of today
Zionism is the Fascism of today! (translation from Russian)