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Lilly Lee
Unser Neue Heim [Our New Home] [Unzer Nayeheim]
Thinking of You All the Time
Peeking thro' the Bars
Born and Bred in Brooklyn (Over the Bridge)
Brooklyn's March [Opus 79]
Hurrah for Bushwick High
Nesting Time in Flatbush
Strolling on the Brooklyn Bridge
Der Schwerd Fin Blut Und Treiren [The Sword of Blood and Tears]
Crossing on the Ferry
Summertime, When All the Girls Get Back From School
Yosem Leid; Dos Glick Kumt Nor Ain Mol in Leben [Orphan Song;  Luck Comes Only Once in Life]
Those Lovely Brooklyn Girls
Martin's Silver Dress Parade
Sheepshead Bay
Mariutch (Make-a the Hootch-a Ma Kootch) Down at Coney Isle