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A Girl Saved by the Anders' Army
A Group of Children in Military Clothes after Arriving in the Anders' Army
A Group of Polish Exiles Rest on the Soviet-Iranian Border
A Group of Polish Orphans Cared by a Nun
Anders Inspecting the Army in the USSR (Tokarzewski)
Anders and Okulicki on the staff (USSR)
Anders' Army Hospital in the USSR
Anders' Army Soldier Praying with a Rosary (USSR)
Bohusz-Szyszko with Volunteers in the USSR
Cadet Division (USSR)
Evacuation of Anders' Army to Iran
General Bohusz-Szyszko with Soviet Officers
General Zhukov at the Anders' Army training in the Soviet Union
Generals Anders and Zhukov in the USSR
Group Photos of the Polish Women's Auxiliary Service in the Soviet Union
Group of Children Being Taken Care of by Soldiers
Group of Polish Children Before Going to India
Independence Day in the Anders' Army in the Soviet Union
Infantry Division Marching (USSR)
Marionette Theater in the Anders' Army in the Soviet Union
Outdoor School Lessons
Polish Army in the USSR - group photo (Anders, Tokarzewski, Okulicki, Spiechowicz, Bohusz-Szyszko)
Polish Cavalry Division (USSR)
Polish Child in a Winter Suit
Polish Children During Kindergarten Classes
Polish Children at the Sanitary Point after Arriving in Soviet Russia
Polish Children in the USSR (Three Children After Arriving from Exile to the Anders' Army)
The Anders' Army Sewing Military Uniforms in the Soviet Union
The Arrival of a Group of Children from Soviet Russia