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"Our Boys" Waltzes
Born and Bred in Brooklyn (Over the Bridge)
Yosem Leid; Dos Glick Kumt Nor Ain Mol in Leben [Orphan Song;  Luck Comes Only Once in Life]
Unser Neue Heim [Our New Home] [Unzer Nayeheim]
Unser Neue Heim [Our New Home] [Unzer Nayeheim]
Nesting Time in Flatbush
Brooklyn Life Waltzes
The Original Chateau Three Step
Summertime, When All the Girls Get Back From School
Der Schwerd Fin Blut Und Treiren [The Sword of Blood and Tears]
The New Arcadia Waltz
Hurrah for Bushwick High
Down At Steeplechase Park
Brooklyn Belle Barn Dance
The Sterling March and Two-Step
The Sterling March and Two-Step
Drake's Cake Walk
Brooklyn Daily Eagle Bridge Crush March (Descriptive)
Mariutch (Make-a the Hootch-a Ma Kootch) Down at Coney Isle
Brighton Beach March
Twin City Favorite
Anniversary Hymns 1901
The Permans' Brooklyn Cake Walk
Alphonzo Smith Offers His Large and Extensive Assortment of Piano-Fortes and Organs of All the Leading Makers [advertisement]
Coney Island March and Two-Step
Brooklyn's March [Opus 79]
Second Battalion March
March of the Veterans
Bergen Beach Schottisch
New York and Coney Island Cycle March Two-Step
Shew Fly Polka Redowa
Undine March [Opus 75]
The Brooklyn Society Two-Step
The Brooklyn Citizen March
Army and Navy Waltzes
Brooklyn High School March
Manhattan Beach March
Manhattan Beach March
Crossing on the Ferry
Sheepshead Bay
Those Lovely Brooklyn Girls
Klytia Waltzes
Brooklyn Glide Waltzes
Peeking thro' the Bars
Veni Creator Spiritus
Strolling on the Brooklyn Bridge
Brooklyn Bridge March
Martin's Silver Dress Parade